This weeks ” Empty Threat of the Week” award goes to Shirl LaBarre, the relentlessly tiresome Hayward, WI TeaSquawker who is once again hollering that if Democratic State Senator Bob Jauch doesn’t vote for the Assembly mining bill she will consider organizing his recall.

LaBarre is most notable for her biennial thrashing at the hands of whichever Democrat runs against her for the 74th Assembly seat, so her latest empty threat is of as much significance as her previous empty threats.

I’ll bet money right now she couldn’t even get the signatures. Any takers?


16 Responses to Empty Threat of the Week

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    Shouldnt that be considered political blackmail and illegal?

  2. gnarlytrombone says:

    WPR gave her a platform for her unverified rant as well. What next, interviews with the world-is-ending sandwich board guy?

    • nonquixote says:

      OT WPR is hardly a news source anymore since they began following the FAUX, fair and balanced model (Merens and Cardin, worst offenders) of we offer both sides and let you make up your mind, BS. Giving equal time to the nut-jobs, tin-foil hat crowd and/or big money motivated liars, is just lazy, is not journalism nor entertainment, and fully contributes to further degradation of the level of honest discussion or debate about anything. To a lesser extent this is going on with WPT Here and Now.

      These people are intelligent enough to take an issue, determine the FACTS, present them and have the balls to stand behind the work they produce. Fear of offending wing-nut or self-interested greed head contributors shouldn’t be your driving programing decisions. I’ll start contributing again when they start doing journalism again.

      • Gareth says:

        People at WPR are afraid of losing their jobs. Who can blame them with Walker cronies running wild in state government, while loose cannons like Steve Nass make a sport out of smearing academic careers. They started taking the fetal crouch approach to news during the Reagan era and went into full meltdown after the Reichstag fire. I stopped listening to WPR and NPR after hearing Juan Williams rant, unchallenged, about the necessity of nuking Afghanistan. I gave them a second chance only to hear Tom Clark rudely hang-up on a caller who challenged Thomas “Flat Earth” Friedman during a call-in segment. Click. What a pity.

        • nonquixote says:

          Thanks Gareth,
          I had to dig into the memory banks and refresh where I was and what I was worried about and focused on through the 80’s. Not focused on a lot of things that maybe I should have been, then. But mostly agree with your assessment.

  3. Angry Andy says:

    I hope she does!

  4. nonquixote says:

    Back to the topic, $200B in estimated ore value, nearly unlimited and uncontrolled access to “take,” whatever fresh water resources they require, once mining has commenced, while I’ve heard the mining interests continuously claiming the kingly return of a whopping $1B promise for returns in, “jobs,” and benefits to the area. Sounds like a deal for WI. I was never all that great at higher mathematics, let me get my calculator. 1/200rdth of the value, permanent destruction of a fresh water resource. Let’s make a deal! /s

  5. nonquixote says:

    At your request ZB, some nq lite, and as one friend to another, “Be careful what you ask for.”

    “And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” [Matthew 7:3]

    “Sometimes it is better to listen, at the risk of being perceived a fool, than to open one’s mouth and prove it.”

  6. Zuma Bound says:

    While I’m still not entirely sure what particular ‘horse’ you have ‘in this race’, NQ, let me just steal a quote from your commment, and say, “Right back atcha” (ironically, NQ, it’s one I regularly share with the wild-eyed, insult-laden, toxic wingnuts here who avoid meaningful comment like the it’s the plague, people like Notalib, Orlin Sellars, AND Angry Andy. AFTER trying unsuccessfully to engage them in civil and substantive discourse):

    NQ: “Sometimes it is better to listen, at the risk of being perceived a fool, than to open one’s mouth and prove it.”

    So, do me a favor, NQ, just let it go. Unlike you, I realize that I don’t have a ‘horse in this race’. We’re on the same side of things, so just let it go, and accept the fact that we fight the good fight in different ways. Just a heads up, I won’t be responding further in this thread, and I will probably tend to ignore any further peanuts which you elect to throw my way from the peanut gallery elsewhere from now on. And that is regrettable, but your unforced, holier-than-thou condescension in this thread was truly misplaced, not to mention wholly unproductive.

    Take care.

  7. nonquixote says:

    At 4:02 PM you attempted to convince me of your personal characterization of another commenter with your reply to me. 4:50 PM, I made an observation and comment. You followed with two more comments denigrating the other commenter for some past behavior, nothing to do with this thread. Now you are giving instructions about how to let things go. Brilliant projection.

    But, I appreciate you showing up went you did. $25 bucks, I won the office pool, we settled on guessing the time it would take for you to respond. Nobody would take the bet on whether or not you would understand the comment. That was a foregone conclusion.

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