The word we are looking for here is more racist! H/T Buzzfeed!

This tweet from the president of the University of Texas College Republicans:

and this from her predecessor:

Keep it K-lassy Texas! If this keeps up, next thing you know you will be electing a racist Governor.

3 Responses to Everything is ___________ in Texas!

  1. Q says:

    I guess this is the theme for today (yesterday) FIND and POST Racist Proofiness.

    No, it’s not nice to pick at people and mock them for stereotypical, false or perceived differences. This, however is what people do 24/7. Fat people, NASCAR people trailer park people, HEY! let’s go to Wal-Mart and film some funny-looking poor people. WOMEN! omfg spend 5 seconds on the reaaaaaally gross psychotic stuff people say 1000 times per second about women. George Bush Dick Cheney frothy anal sex by-products Santorum, GOD HATES FAGS! Rich People! Hey what do YOU wanna do to Paris Hilton??? under a pile of how many guys?

    Yeah, it all sucks. Humans are hostile, un-loving, cold and mean. They are only capable of caring for a small set of people who are very like themselves and who actively validate their delusions and preferences while assuring them they are brilliant. “right on” . moral, and do NOT look fat in those pants.
    And it’s perfectly OKAY to rip the hell out of the other team. Do you want to hazard a guess on how many times in “liberal” forums and comment threads I’ve run into HORRIBLE stuff said about a demographic I happen to belong to, but most of the Libby-nation does not? Like, a lot.
    No one cares because bashing the “outsider” who is NOT US is the number one way for humans to bond. Take away that Evil Menace Icon, however you define that to be, and you don’t have shit goin’ on with the people around you, the people you often call “friends”.
    Have a fight with the wife? Easiest thing to break the tension is to unite against a mutually perceived “evil”.
    *poof* Life is beautiful again.
    But Jeff seriously, spend 5 minutes as a female. Go around copying “unpleasant” tweets that disrespect females. You wouldn’t have time to eat, sleep or make merry for the rest of your life.

    What’s bugging me? All “citizen journalism” (or politics for that matter) anymore is JUST finger-pointing. That’s all. Just finding shit that proves some person is evil and inferior and posting it publicly. It’s like watching two gangs strut and dis each other. Or worse – it’s like high school.
    What freaking good is that.
    I am pretty sure if you comb thru a big pile o’ Tweets you’ll find some offensive stuff. Quite a good amount will probably have been written by a member of whatever group of people you decide to “prove” are disgusting.

    Do you think college Democrats do NOT sit around saying really unpleasant stuff about types they do not like? Stuff that if tweeted and “discovered” might not look too cool?
    I have known some college Democrats. They were not/are not choirboys.

    You are actually posting that 2 sample tweets truly characterize ALL of Texas? What then? we go declare war on the inferior Texans? Call for their mandatory sterilization? Does posting this “proof” get you candidate more votes? More money for the party? What is the purpose? Oh I know! It keeps y’all bonded and feeling united. United against that inferior evil enemy. Swell stuff.
    So if I see a photo of 2 black men stealing hubcaps, what should I extrapolate from that? I guess nothing unless they Tweet about stealing hubcaps and I can screen cap it and post it. Then that’s irrefutable use of the scientific method and truly represents all that “kind” of person. If this is supposed to be showing any kind of critical goddam thought, I am gonna go use my head as a tire chock.
    Feel free to rejoice over that. Anything I can do to help people bond, that’s what I’m freakin here for.

  2. Jeff Simpson says:


    I think you either mistook what is going on here or maybe I needed to spell this out a little more. Not sure how you turned this into ignoring the war on women because I have not done that at all.

    This is not just a tweet from some college kid, its a tweet from the president of the college republicans of the University of Texas, who got her position because of a racist tweet from her predecessor.

    I did this to show these guys are insane. They are flat out crazy and the crazier they get the more popular they get. Have you paid attention to the republican presidential debates? Huntsman said he believed in gloabla climate change and was immediately dismissed as fringe and could not shake that label. We have Newt saying that minorities only care about being on food stamps.

    I get that they have attacked women and I should write about it more, but to be honest, their attack is so broad that I am having a hard time narrowing it down. Hell Glenn Grothman’s attacks alone would take me all day to write up.

    I want to show the sane people on the republican side, how insane their party has become and that they need to get a a handle on it or else there will be dire consequences for our country. I as a progressive want a sane republican party so we can debate real issues with real solutions.

    we need to make sure that people like Sheriff Arpio are marginalized the way that David Duke was and not propped up as a hero of the right

    By the way if I ever see democrats say something this stupid i would gladly post it here….

    • Zuma Bound says:

      @ Jeff

      You wrote, in part:


      I think you either mistook what is going on here or maybe I needed to spell this out a little more. Not sure how you turned this into ignoring the war on women because I have not done that at all. ”

      Q did the same kind of thing with something that I wrote regarding Ed Schultz and Rush Limbaugh:

      I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is with Q. Your comment here was clear enough. Yet she misconstrued it. My comment in the comment thread under the linked blog post was clear enough, and yet she misconstrued it. You might remember the exchange. You jumped into the middle of it.

      Anyway, I’m beginning to suspect that she’s disingenuously playing for a different team. Or with less than a full deck.

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