And this is why Republican Gov. Scott Walker is a filthy liar (Walker’s comments on collective bargaining start at 7:50).

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2 Responses to Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker: I’ll collectively bargain with public employee unions

  1. Mark E. Bye says:

    “Filthy” liar? I have a descriptive that also starts with and “F”, but it isn’t the word “filthy”.

  2. james booth says:

    He also talks in the video about needing permanent “compounding” changes going into future as it relates to wages and benefits. WEAC understood his intentions and wrote about them in this newsletter prior to the 2010 election.
    Key words: “Walker supports a bill that takes away the right of unions to negotiate health care benefits.” “Ryan Murray, Campaign Policy Adviser for Walker, said the way the proposal would work is we would take the choice out of the collective bargaining process.”

    Doyle raided transportation funds and illegally raided the patient’s compensation fund, funds that Walker had to pay back. I don’t remember Doyle campaigning on doing that.

    So let me get this right, you can’t get Walker UNelected without the assistance of the 4.5 million people in the state who don’t work for the government but essentially pay for the salaries and benefits of those that do. That means you want us to go vote in another effing corrupt, lying DOYLE (Falk) so that you get your collective bargaining back and we go back to the way it was before? Raising taxes. outspending that. raiding state funds. WEA trust raping the taxpayers year after year to pay for teacher’s insurance. No thanks. I think we’ll stick with this one for a while longer.

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