Not a SAINT but a Saint! The kind that has bounties on the opposition.

Far right republican blogger Kevin Binversie is at it again. This time hoping for the death of Assemblyman Mark Pocan!

Here’s hop­ing he gets hit by a bus on a con­gres­sional fund rais­ing trip in D.C.

In case you forgot, he recently advocated shooting recall petitioners

I wonder if he has a bounty on democrats? Why do republicans think so often of killing democrats?

I wonder if Wisconsin Reporter will cover this story involving their employee?

6 Responses to I think Kevin Binversie aspires to be a Saint!

  1. Give it up Jeff. It’s getting old and you’re only showing how unhinged you are.

  2. Also, love how you forgot to mention the context of the original post. That Pocan was cheering Pam Galloway’s resignation over having to take care of her ill brother and in-laws.

    Or that Pocan had to later remove his Facebook and Twitter post for all the heat he was facing…

  3. John Foust says:

    Bin Versie is on a roll lately. My recent fave is his “follow the logic”-worthy explanation of how although he knows that the President doesn’t set gas prices, he’ll still make several posts to that effect, just to rile up the folks who are stupid enough to believe that… and he says it’s not his job to “unmake someone ignorant” who believed what he just posted twice.

  4. Gareth says:

    Binversie should be careful about wishing death on others lest reverse mojo get him. It wasn’t long ago that Andrew Breitbart was expressing his desire to to shoot liberals and the next thing you know he was face-diving into the pavement. God works in mysterious way…so they say.

  5. Jeff Simpson says:


    happy someone is leaving does NOT equal happy they have illness in their family.

    Hoping someone gets hit by a bus = hoping someone dies..

    And I am unhinged?

  6. Rich says:

    And instead of taking the high road, Kevin, you went and wrote what you wrote. You just couldn’t help yourself.

    My momma used to tell me, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Stay classy, dude.

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