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95 Responses to Justice? Not for Trayvon Martin

  1. Zuma Bound says:

    It may be a little slow in coming, and I am outraged by that, but, in my heart, I know that justice for Trayvon will come sometime soon.

    That said, there is something good which has come out of all of this, even before that moment of justice arrives.

    What happened to Trayvon, and what has not happened to George Zimmerman so far, has raised the national consciousness. Whites, Asians, Latinos, Native-Americans, Americans from every walk of life have realized something, something essential to this country moving forward, together, into a brighter future.

    Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post elucidates:


    There is a new awareness of the “burden of blackness”, of what black men go through each and every day of their lives, of what they have had to historically go through each and every day of their lives, of what their parents have historically been forced to do in order to prepare them for it.

    It is time for all of us to pull together to change that. The promise of America is a promise extended to all. It is high time that we made sure it is universally honored.

    And I hope that that will be the legacy left to all of us by a bright, courageous black kid from Sanford, Florida.

    Rest in peace, my brother.

    And let us all remember that we are all Trayvon Martin now.

    • Tami says:

      First, I would like to say to Trayvon, you are with your Lord now and there will be no more pain. To Trayvon’s family, I pray that God gives you the strength to continue on and seek justice for your son! To all readers: Regardless of color, you should be outraged! This was the MURDER of an innocent child, by a want to be police officer, with an inferiority complex, and no matter how much the Racist Pig Sanford police try to sweep it under the rug.. This is Murder and we cannot let them get away with not bringing Zimmerman to justice. This man stalked Trayvon, followed him, and then shot him dead in the street like a dog! I will say if Zimmerman is not brought to justice in the courts, then he should receive street justice. An eye for an eye… a life for a life!
      And for Zimmerman I will say, when it is your time to meet your maker, I hope that they show you the same mercy you showed Trayvon… NONE! I hope that you are remembered for nothing but being a cold blooded MURDERER by everyone you know and don’t know! I hope you have to hide for the rest of your life, for fear that if anyone sees or recognizes you, you fear the end is coming to you as you brought the end to someone’s son! I hope there is no mercy on your soul, for all of eternity and you burn in hell until the end of time!

    • JAMAL says:

      Please!! I have a few questions, Why was Trayvon walking through a gated comunity with a high crime rate in the middle of the night looking like a thug? If he was such a good boy why was he tweeting about punching the bus driver? Why did he get suspended for having pot in his bag? If you are going to look like a thug, dress like a thug and act like a thug, your going to get treated like a thug! Look, I understand the family is mourning but come on, take some responsibility for your actions (you raised him).

      • Simon says:

        Really yo come on. “Look like a thug” you act as if Zimmerman could see his twitter and school history while he saw him. Fact is he saw this boy and thought he was suspicious and made the dumb*** decision to follow him when he really didn’t need to. And shut up about this thug stuff. I bet the classic trademarks of a thug are a hoodie and a bag skittles and some iced tea. Am I right? Just from your statement i see that your family failed at raising you and you failed at hiding you ignorance.

  2. Carl Leonard says:

    I read..I watch..I shake my head.. I listen to all the preconceived reasons as to why there is no Justice or something like this could happen?…Across the country this is happening everywhere with government. Government will only do something when they can win the case…But lets examine why there shouldn’t be a case in the first place.
    If we the people took the time to teach our children “What not to do in situations” rather than so much focus on “what we have a right to do” (Wear hoodies)…We would be better off…Zimmerman should have had training on “What not to do” also! Trayvon did something stupid giving reasonable suspicion for cutting through…I teach my kids to stay out of peoples yards,cars, and belongings, and their space. Then Hoodies are meant for keeping you warm, and (fact) criminals #1 garment for hiding their identity. Can’t get around that…
    (Zimmerman) Should have made a non-threatening contact with Trayvon, because what Trayvon was doing was maybe merely a Trespassing situation…Zimmerman followed Trayvon because he had no (What law enforcement call) “Positive I.D.” No one knows your identity with a hoodie on. “Point is” For our childrens future – Teach them “Public streets and sidewalks” are always the best bet…Then the Zimmerman idiots of the world can’t have an excuse to hide behind a law…Laws aren’t meant to protect the criminal…their meant as a precursor for (as I said before) “What not to do…At the very least Zimmerman should have been charged with Manslaughter!and add “Voluntary” because he ignored the instructions of the dispatcher…

    • JAMAL says:

      I sort of agreen with you Carl, except George Zimmerman was not charged because he did nothing wrong. What your saying is that Trayvon has the right to walk down the street in a gated private community but George doesnt? I would have done the same thing if i were in the same situation. I would have kept an eye on the person until he left the subdivision, or the police came on the scene. And after being jumped and having his head smashed into the sidewalk George justifiably felt a fear for his life. We should have the right to protect our property!

  3. Carl Leonard says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Capehart of the washington post and his comment here…This is the example I’m talking about…It amazes me! why we are making this such a african american issue and why? are the parents having to teach their children of this based on history. Doing this won’t change the future for the better, and this situation could have happened to anyone’s child. Mistakes were made by both Trayvon and Zimmerman…(Mostly by Zimmerman), and he should have been charged because Trayvon did not use lethal force against Zimmerman… If Zimmerman would have said something like “It’s ok! Can I speak to you a moment”…Maybe Trayvon would not have done what he did either. When wearing a hoodie over your face and hands in your pocket…how can one say skin color when you can’t tell who they are, their covered up…Maybe lets just say (Hypothetical) if Trayvons parents hadn’t taught Trayvon of this history, he would have been proud of who he is, and not a scared 16 year old… Just saying! I have kids too…It’s a tragic loss of life…and I worry because this could have been one of my kids…

    • Zuma Bound says:

      @ Carl Leonard

      What the hell did Trayvon do wrong, m*therf*cker?! Walking while black?!

      And what in the hell are you doing trying to put this on his parents?!

      You’re part of the problem, homeboy, a clueless, f*cking white boy with absolutely NO idea what the black experience in America is all about, and, unlike Jonathan Capehart, absolutely NO business commenting on it!

      Re-read the Capehart piece AND carefully consider the linked material, the interview he did, in particular, and try to learn something about what it takes to be black in America. In the meantime, you truly need to shut the f*ck up!


  4. steven says:

    I am very sympathetic to the case, but what is up with this Will Smith quote? Can anyone document one reliable source that verifies Will Smith ever said this? I looked up the twitter account above (@therealwillsmith) and it is not the real will smith, and this quote is not even on that account. I have looked high and low, and until convinced otherwise, my opinion is Will Smith made no public comment on the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Facebook pictures created on photoshop do not suffice as reliable source documentation.

  5. Scott Stewart says:

    Mr. Leonard,

    I like & appreciate what you’re saying with regards to not teaching kids from a viewpoint on what they have a right to do, but what’s the smart thing to do (or not). I’m sorry to see that you’ve already assumed Zimmerman is guilty of a crime. I believe he’s definitely guilty of stupidity & over-zealousness, but I’m waiting for the investigation to be completed before I form any further opinions.

    It just came out that Martin possibly attacked Zimmerman & tried to take the gun away from him. Since it’s info from the media, I don’t know if it’s true or not. The whole racial uproar is completely uncalled for. If people of any race can’t simply view events in life, whether negative or positive, without including what race or color is involved there will never be true equality. That viewpoint has to go both ways, & I firmly believe that Blacks, or all minorities must stop reacting to events as if their skin color had anything to do with whatever happens.

    Human beings are just that, regardless of color. React as a human being, not a Black or White person etc. And stop demanding justice before all of the facts are revealed. If Zimmerman is prosecuted for anything other than stupidity simply to appease anyone, I guarantee that will not help the minorities efforts for true equality. It will only cause more bitterness.

    • NJ says:

      Keep in mind, many people have been convicted and incarcerated for stupidity. Why should Zimmerman be treated differently? He should be arrested at the very least!!!!

  6. William Kemp says:

    After reading the. Flordia Stand Your Ground law I think everyone is looking at this case from the wrong view. Everyone should be looking at. It as Trayvon Martin was going home from the store when he was followed by an armed unknown assailant. When the assailant confronted Mr. Martin ( we know that Trayvon was not the assailant because of the documented record of the 911 operator for the person in question not to persue) so when confronted this 17 year old kid envoked the stand your ground law and in doing so was murded by his assailant. This is a case of 1st degree murder.

  7. James Smith says:

    Apparently what happened is Zimmerman followed Martin while calling 911. Martin called his girlfriend. Zimmerman stopped following Martin going back to his car. Martin then confronts Zimmerman and then Martin strikes Zimmerman. In the ensuing fracas, Zimmerman fires one fatal shot into Martin. This is what the facts up to this point indicate. Justifiable shooting. Now they’re bringing out pictures of “little Trayvon” (at like, 12 years of age) when his current photos show the 17 year old much closer to the thug Zimmerman had to deal with. Now the race-baiters Jackson and Sharpton have parachuted in to lead the “Black Community” and further divide the country. The timing couldn’t be worse for President Obama too. It’s much too far from the election for the truth of the matter not to come out. When it does, little Trayvon will be shown to be responsible for his own death. If it had happened in October, it might have helped Obama. As is – this will play out and his initial chomping at the bit for a race-war issue will be seen as immature. Just like when he foolishly chimed in on the professor Gates arrest in 2009. I still think this warrants investigation, and most likely arrest and trial for Zimmerman. Don’t be surprised if he’s acquitted though. Unless it can be proven that he committed a premeditated act (i.e. wanted to shoot Martin,) this will be a justifiable homicide. Just take race and age out of this entirely, and look at it objectively. It is totally possible that while tragic, Trayvon Martin may be responsible for his own death. The best thing that could happen now is for Zimmerman to reatain the services of the best high-profile African-American attorney he can possibly get.

    • Simon says:

      Your right man your totally right. All i read in your post was “I don’t really have a effin clue what im saying. You are totally oblivious of history and you need to do a lot of research. So the best thing for you to do is stop spreading the ignorance.

  8. Carl Leonard says:

    Dear Zuma…Thanks for proving my point…and by the way…I’m an “American Indian” and my people put up with alot more than yours (Read your history)(now whos jumping to conclusions and being a racist)…It is individuals like you that prevent this country from moving forward because your always stuck in the past…and if you bothered to drop your hostility and actually read what I wrote, you would have realized what I meant. This isn’t a problem of the parents, Trayvon, or Zimmerman…its a problem with the lack of knowledge on how to approach someone and be “CIVIL” to others while working on the issues… But it’s clear from your reply that you yourself have that same lack of knowledge. Thanks for proving my point! Its clear that you are the one thats clueless, and if you could possibly complete a sentence without every other word being a cuss word, than you might could actually have the right to have a good reply to someone, or have a comment… you sir are the racist if you can’t get beyond color to see the mistakes of this situation…Homeboy! When you get beyond color, lets talk, if not…stay mad at the world, Im sure you’ll leave behind some victims in your wake like Zimmerman…

    • Zuma Bound says:

      @ Carl Leonard

      My bad. (*laughing*)

      With the changes “bracketed”, let me just re-draft/update my post for your benefit:

      “So, what in the hell did Trayvon do wrong, m*therf*cker?! Walking while black?!

      And what in the hell are you doing trying to put this on his parents?!

      You’re part of the problem, homeboy, a clueless, f*cking [assh*le] with absolutely NO idea what the black experience in America is all about, and, unlike Jonathan Capehart, one with absolutely NO business commenting on it!

      Re-read the Capehart piece AND carefully consider the linked material, the interview he did, in particular, and try to learn something about what it takes to be black in America. In the meantime, you truly need to shut the f*ck up!


      Now, seriously, homeboy. . .STFU!

      P.S. Do yourself a favor before you run off to find “a serious blog”. Take a remedial English class.

  9. Carl Leonard says:

    Its evident that this blog doesn’t want to post all comments…What happened to my reply to Zuma??? or is this blog bias to only the african american community…Thanks for not actually discussing the issues Blogging blue…I’m headed to a real blog…

    • Zach W says:

      No, comment moderation is in effect for first-time commenters. It’s that’s simple.

      Race has nothing to do with it.

    • nonquixote says:

      Please Excuse this Off Topic to Carl Leonard,

      I don’t pay that close of attention to have learned who all of the regular commenters here are, but one thing that is evident to me is that definitions of terms in the comment policy are apparently decidedly different than mine and a majority of the people I know and have community with.

      Come on back and comment some time. There are many here who actually do abide by the comment policy.

  10. J Barrott says:

    The stand your ground law applies to Trayvon Martin as well as it does to George Zimmerman.
    Zimmermans entire story hinges on the statement that he was returning to his vehicle, but was he?
    Being followed or chased in the dark tends to cause fear, fear brings about attack. Chased Trayvon turns on the person persuing him and punches Zimmerman in the nose and then smacks his head against the ground possibly more than once, a common occurence for most kids. Usually it ends there, both kids eventually get up and walk away.
    The difference here is Zimmerman had a gun. If this were two kids and one shot the other self defence or not an arrest would have been made.
    Trayvon, though 16 is still a child and most likely pumped full of adrenaline from fear. Zimmerman is an adult and should be making better decisions. Pehaps it was all just a huge mistake and Zimmerman did not start out with the intent to kill someone, but he could have stayed in his car, or introduced himself and explained about the neighborhood watch. Neither was his choice and because of that he set into motion the events that led to Trayvon’s death. We are all responsible for the choices we make and Zimmerman should be held accountable for his in a court of law.
    Zimmermans father says Zimmerman is hispanic but his father is white and unless his mother is Indian she is part white too, doesn’t that make Zimmerman white.
    For Zuma Bound
    Cursing people does nothing for you and makes the things you have to say less believable.

  11. Linda Polk says:

    Protests over the senseless death of Trayvon Martin is a positive outrage that may lead to healing and change, but let’s be real about the cause. This death was one of the many consequences created by using a “them-against-us” approach instead of healing to deal with people who appear to be different from “us”. Today over 66 million Americans have felony convictions. Since they have families, that makes over 130 million Americans who flinch when they see a police officer. A large segment of those 130 million approach life from a “me-against-The-Man” philosophy, and to protect themselves they often join gangs. Baggie clothes, bandannas, and hoodies are styles these gangs, and many people not in gangs, have used to unite and identity each other. . . . . The Zimmermans of the world are not part of a growing “underclass”. They were not raised in homes where Moms and Dads are/have been in prison, so they traded their compassion for protection. Their views are tainted by the nightly dose of fear sold to them on Fox NEWS and other media outlets. “If it bleeds, it leads,” is a common saying among broadcasters for a reason. IT IS FEAR THAT KILLED Trayvon…. The guilty parties include our own Government leaders who sell fear to promote themselves and garner votes…. At http://www.I am convicted, we promote the message that “hate got us into this, and only love is going to get us out”…. Please join us. Let’s start a movement for a loving change where kids matter and grown-ups do too. ttp://is.gd/aE1Q7p

  12. Scott Stewart says:

    Zuma Bound. That reaction is unfortunately what many White people expect from a Black person. If White people aren’t careful we may offend your Blackness & the rage then comes out, or the accusations of racism that Blacks like to use to get their way. In person I say what I think regardless of someones race, & I’m careful of others feelings, but the fear Blacks have created in their over-reactions is simply hurting your own race.

    As Mr. Leonard pointed out, his heritage isn’t White yet you ASSUMED he was & went on the attack. To me it’s the old saying of act and behave as if you belong & you’ll be accepted. Quit looking for opportunities to take offense.

    Personally, I feel that minority subsidies for things such as college etc. should come to an end within the next 10 years or so. The handouts have to stop sometime or the attitude of entitlement will never end. You are no more nor any less special than any other person.

    As for Martin, what a sad thing the media has done to our country again. It’s shaping up to be another 2006 Duke lacrosse incident all over again. To you idiots saying Martin was simply “standing his ground” (per Florida Law) when this happened, your reaching for smoke & grabbing for straws. Just be ready to admit you screwed up if Zimmerman is exonerated & don’t even TRY to fall back on racism. Being Black may be tough sometimes, but so is being White, Chinese, Indian, Latino, Irish/Danish/French…we All get “pulled over for nothing”, but you say it’s because you’re Black. Give me a break already! We are all “profiled”, we all have shit happen to us, but we don’t cry “it’s because of my skin color” boo-hoo. Grow up already. You’re schtick is old & becoming more unacceptable every day.

    • Zuma Bound says:

      @ Scott Stewart

      Scott Stewart wrote, in pertinent part: “As Mr. Leonard pointed out, his heritage isn’t White yet you ASSUMED he was & went on the attack. To me it’s the old saying of act and behave as if you belong & you’ll be accepted. Quit looking for opportunities to take offense.”

      In the first place, you idiot, while I’m proud of whatever “blackness” my soul contains, I’m physically and genetically white.

      In the second, as my “updated” post to Carl Leonard reflected, his actual ethnicity was academic. It was the racism which his initial comment reflected that was the problem.

      In any event, your comment reflects much of what is wrong with this country, and with what a lot of white people have to say about incidents like the murder of Trayvon Martin, not to mention programs intended to correct for centuries of racial discrimination and bigotry, like affirmative action.

      You’re part of the problem, Scott, and I’m not sure that there’s anything that anybody could say to you that would shake your worldview up enough to see things in a clearer or more compassionate way. That said, I would encourage you to read the other comments that I have posted elsewhere on Blogging Blue in this regard, along with the linked material they incorporate.

      Hope springs eternal, and miracles do happen, but it seems as if your soul has calcified beyond the point of restoration.

  13. shelly says:

    I really hope Florida will feel the pressure and press charges against Zimmerman. Maybe we all should boycott Florida for our summer vacations,hit them where it hurts(their pockets).If families vacation somewhere else Florida will lose money and maybe then they will pay attention.

  14. EEVEE says:

    Zimmerman started all this by following Trayvon. How about you don’t follow and WATCH like every neighborhood watch should be doing and report anything suspicious. Now I don’t think carrying a skittles bag is considered suspicious. Man, Zimmerman you messed up good, you should’ve minded your own damn business. Oh, I sorry did you get your nose broken…well, that’s what you get for taking matters into your hand.

  15. Ima Hoodie says:

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  16. jaxsprats says:

    Tribute for Trayvon Martin -Super Life- fear kills, love heals #fearkillsloveheals

    Justice for Trayvon Martin


  17. Daniel H says:


    I have been reading very extensively on the Trayvon Martin murder case. There are some really important clues that either everybody, or almost everybody, is missing that really suggest that Zimmerman killed Martin in an unlawful way (i.e. murder). I would like to share just a couple with you.

    First of all as many people have pointed out Trayvon’s girl friend’s testimony is dead on accurate in the areas that correspond directly with the 911 call that Zimmerman made. However many people have incorrectly said that we can not know if her testimony is as accurate after it extends beyond the 911 tape as it is just her assertions. This however is very wrong as Zimmerman says certain thing on that 911 tape the gives strong support to what Trayvon’s girl friend says about what happened after that 911 call. Lets look at those clues.

    First off after Zimmerman leaves his truck we know he is running cause we can hear the sound created by the rapid movement of air over his phone. After the dispatcher say to Zimmer they don’t need him to follow the boy he says yes. But we know he is still running cause the “wind” sound does not stop. Zimmerman continues to talk with the 911 dispatcher and then he say, “He ran”, implying Trayvon got away. About 2 seconds after that the wind sound stops, indicating that Zimmerman is now walking.

    Many people would assert that around this time he must have headed back to his car. However Trayvon’s girlfriend indicated that this was not the case and in fact Zimmerman continues to search for the boy and shortly found him. Zimmerman himself backs up this assertion two times on the 911 tape. The first time is after he is now walking the 911 dispatcher is trying to arrange a place for Zimmerman to meet up with the police. After Zimmerman rejects the idea of meeting at his car the operator asks for his address. Zimmerman start to gives it out and then say he does not want to give it as he does not know where that kid is. This does not make much sense if Zimmerman was heading back to his car as he later claimed. If he was heading back to his car it is unlikely the kid would be close by cause Trayvon ran away in the opposite direction. The easiest way to interpret Zimmerman’s response is that he is currently still searching for Trayvon, though walking now, and thus Trayvon could be very close by. This is the first clue that supports Trayvon’s girlfriend’s report that Zimmerman was still out looking for Trayvon after the 911 call.

    The second one is ever more damning. At the very end of the 911 call Zimmerman and the dispatcher agree that Zimmerman will meet the police back at the mailboxes. However just as the operator is about to end the call Zimmerman interrupts and says he instead would like the police to call him when they get there and he will then let them know where he is. Why would Zimmerman need the police to do this? Obviously cause Zimmerman has no idea where he will be when the police arrive cause he is out there still looking for Trayvon and is going to continue to look for Trayvon after the 911 call is over! Thus Zimmerman knows by the time the police arrive he could be just about anywhere on the property.

    These two facts are strong evidence that Trayvon’s girl friend is telling the truth. She says that after Trayvon runs away from Zimmerman he reports that he thinks he lost that guy that was following him. A little later Trayvon reports that that guy is behind him again and he is going to walk faster to get away. After a short time Trayvon turns and talks to Zimmerman and there is evidence that Zimmerman attacks Trayvon. We’ll get to that in a second as it reveals more clues that people have missed. The important thing here is that Zimmerman’s own words, combined with the statement of Trayvon’s girl friend strongly refutes Zimmerman’s claim of being attacked from behind as he was returning to his truck. This means that not only should Trayvon’s girl friend be regarded as trustworthy but that Zimmerman clearly told a huge lie to the police as to what really happened. The only reason he would so this is because what really happened was not even close to self defense.

    These leads us to the second big clue that everyone seems to have missed. Selma Mora Lamilla and her roommate provide strong evidence that there was in fact TWO fights between Zimmerman and Trayvon! This is why there are the two contradictory descriptions of the scuffle that took place. Some people say Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman an others say Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon. This is very important to understand why this was a murder and not self defense and I hope the prosecution picks up on this. Here goes:

    Trayvon’s girl friend says she think Trayvon was pushed cause there is a change in his voice like he got pushed and then it sound like there is a scuffle and the head peace falls to the ground. I think is is far more likely that Trayvon was tackled by Zimmerman as Zimmerman seems to have wanted to capture him. After all he said “these assholes always get away”, and then proceed to hunt the boy down. Simply pushing him make no sense at all in the context of what was going on. Also a push would probably no cause Trayvon to loose his head piece.

    However the change in Trayvon voice is critical cause it means Trayvon was in mid sentence at the time that the attack started. It is thus very unlikely that that Trayvon started the psychical altercation. Trayvon asked Zimmerman why he was following him, Zimmerman asked what Trayvon was doing here, Trayvon asked him again why Zimmerman was following him and Zimmerman asked again why Trayvon was here. Trayvon then starts to say something as is cut off in mid sentence cause Zimmerman launches an attack, probably a tackle.

    It should be pointed out that at this time Trayvon has a legal right, under Florida law, to stand his ground and use force, including lethal force, to stop Zimmer from attacking him. Zimmerman never identified himself to Trayvon, or explained why he was following him, he simply attacked Trayvon. All Trayvon knows is that some weird big guy is following him in a truck, running after him, then walking after him, and then when he catches up with Trayvon he quickly attacks him. Trayvon has good reason to fear that this man presents an immediate threat of grave bodily injury to him or death or is trying to commit forcible felony against him. Thus under Florida law Trayvon can now use any level or force he reasonable believes is needed to survive this encounter. For all Trayvon knows is this could be some crazy racist that hates black people in his neighborhood and is trying to hurt or maybe even kill him. It turns out that is exactly what Zimmerman was and Zimmerman was in fact a deadly threat to Trayvon.

    Now back to the fight. Selma Mora Lamilla and her roommate point out that based on their observations where Zimmerman was right outside their house on top of the now dead Trayvon and another neighbor’s 911 call that there was in fact two fights that happened, one right after the other. They point out that the other neighbor that called 911 reported a fight that was right next to this neighbors back door. However they indicated that this house was about two houses away from them and thus that neighbor was not reporting the scene they came upon. This neighbor was reporting the first fight then Trayvon and Zimmerman moved two houses down and another fight happened where Trayvon was shot. This is what appears to have happened:

    The first fight is probably where Zimmerman tackled Trayvon Martin as he was talking to him. As the two of them went to the ground Trayvon must have turned the tables on Zimmerman the attacker and started to successfully defend himself. This is the report of Trayvon on top of Zimmerman punching him. This is where Zimmerman got his bloody nose and cut on the back of his head.

    After this it looks like Trayvon must have got up and got away from Zimmerman and ran two houses down. Zimmerman appears to have chased Trayvon down. Now you may ask why do I think Trayvon ran way and Zimmerman chased him down to the second fight location and not visa versa? Because Zimmerman never once has said anything about this. But if that did happen Zimmerman would almost certainly have mentioned it as it would strongly bolster his self defense claim. He would have said that he escaped Trayvon briefly and Trayvon ran after him and caught him again and then he had to shoot him. But Zimmerman has never said anything like this. He has never mentioned two fights, only one. From this we can conclude that Trayvon was the one that got away and ran two houses down and
    Zimmerman chased after him again (NOT SELF-DEFENSE AT ALL), and caught up with him.

    Now the second fight. Selma Mora Lamilla and her room mate report that they heard someone crying for help and whimpering. They then hear a gun shot and immediately run from heir kitchen to the front of their house and look out a screen of a window and see Zimmerman on top of Trayvon, on his knees, pinning the boy down as he dies. Because it would have only taken seconds for them to reach the point of observation after hearing the gun shot it is almost a certainty that this was the position that Zimmerman was in when he shot Trayvon. There was not enough time for him to have changed his position if he was under Trayvon. The two ladies then go outside. By this time Zimmerman is standing up but is still straddling Trayvon and pushing on his back.

    From this is seems likely that as Trayvon was running away from Zimmerman, after the first fight, that Zimmerman caught up tackled him from behind and pinned the boy to the ground with Trayvon’s arms underneath him (the body was found with its arm underneath). It is this fight that the crying and screams for help took place. The fight where Zimmerman had the boy pinned down, was on Trayvon’s back, and shot him. From this we can conclude that Trayvon’s mom is right when see says that is Trayvon screaming for help.

    It is said that Trayvon is was shot in the chest. If we assume this is true and that the chest wound is not really an exit wound from being shot in the back then what happened was probably something like this:

    After Zimmerman pinned Trayvon down obviously Trayvon would have tried to escape and defend himself. To do this Trayvon probably tried to turn himself over so he could effectively fight back against Zimmerman. Trayvon was probably about 1/4 to 1/2 way through his turn when Zimmerman reached around and shot him in the chest to prevent Trayvon from turning over and fighting back. After Trayvon was shot he lost strength and Zimmerman then quickly pushed him back down onto his belly and pinned him their until he died.

    One question that must be asked is why did Trayvon run from the first fight? One answer may be he just landed a few good hits and then took the opportunity to flee. This could be what happened. However another possibility is that Trayvon may have been raining blows on Zimmerman (remember that Trayvon had a right at this point to use any level of force he reasonably felt necessary to defend himself, including lethal force) and Zimmerman decided he did not like this turn of events and started to go for his gun. At this point Trayvon realized that this nut really was out to kill him and ran for his life! Zimmerman then quickly got up chased him down, and tackled him from behind pinning him.

    This second scenarios makes allot of sense cause it would explain not just why Trayvon was screaming for help but also why he sounded so pathetic. He knew this guy who had him pinned was probably about to kill him. This was the last thing Trayvon ever expected to happen that night. He never could have guessed this would be how he would die, by some big weird guy that chased him down and killed him out of the blue. He knew his life was over. Trayvon howled and scream for some time on those 911 tapes. He probably struggled to turn himself over for some time so he could fight back. When he started to succeed Zimmerman decided that was not going to happen and he shot him in the chest. He then pinned him down again.

    Zimmerman said those asshole always get away. He wasn’t going to let this f**king coon get away. He was going to be the big hero of the neighborhood and catch a burglar, even if he had to kill him. And it looks like that is what happened.

    These are some of the things people have overlooked in this case.

    This has been just by opinion on what may have happened that night based of the evidence that has been made public.


  18. T. says:

    I know many people who are blind to racism say the liberals are making it about race.

    But here is the real deal – Zimmerman is the one who made it about race. If he hadn’t, Trayvon would still be alive.

  19. nonquixote says:

    I’m sure most of you may have seen the George Zimmerman arrest video by now. Notice the bloody head and nose as he is walks himself into the station. Did you notice the officers wearing latex gloves to keep from getting bloodied?

    • First off…could the morons at ABC News have picked a more asinine place to put their oh-so-important “Exclusive” banner? WTF?

      Anyway, it looked to me as though the officer going through his pockets in the garage was not wearing gloves. He also doesn’t look as heavy as many claim him to be, but the video quality isn’t that clear.

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