According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, out of state investment banker Eric Hovde is set to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate on Thursday.

While born in Wisconsin, Hovde has spent the past 24 years living and working in Washington, D.C., where he currently serves as the chief executive officer of Hovde Capital Advisors, which manages a series of hedge funds.

According to Hovde’s Washington, D.C. voter registration form, he is still registered to vote in Washington, D.C., but that’s not going to stop him from carpetbagging to Wisconsin to take a crack at putting his family’s millions to work to buy himself a U.S. Senate seat, much like Sen. Ron Johnson did in 2010.

No word yet on Hovde’s Senate campaign theme, but I have a suggestion: “Hovde for Senate: I may not want to live in Wisconsin, but I’d sure like to be your U.S. Senator!”

Heck, here’s another suggestion: “Hovde for Senate: Elect me and I won’t have to buy a home in Washington, D.C.; I already have one!”

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3 Responses to Out of state investment banker Eric Hovde to announce U.S. Senate run tomorrow

  1. DEBSpeaks says:

    “Hovde for Senate: I may not want live in Wisconsin, but I’d sure like to own some of it…I mean be your U.S. Senator! Honestly, it’s the American way!”

  2. DEBSpeaks says:

    He might as well run here. I mean, with all the crooked re-pubs that get elected to office in Wisconsin, he’d probably find his niche…his home away from home.

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