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3 Responses to Palin vs. Julianne Moore – Uncanny and Insightful

  1. Laurie G says:

    I watched the full movie on HBO demand. I had also read the book. The movie deals only with the Palin/McCann campaign (yes I put them in the correct order).

    There I times I forgot Julainne Moore was not Sarah Palin. Watch it if you can or make friends with someone who has HBO.

  2. MadCityMan says:

    Thanks for the comment. I guess I need an HBO friend or else I’ll have to make do with these excerpts.

    I find it amazing that John McCain is still doubling down saying “I thought she was best qualified person. … I’m grateful that she ran with me, and I will always be proud of what we did.”

    Thanks goodness we don’t have either of them to destroy the country or lead us into an immediate war in Syria and Iraq as warmonger John McCain and clueless Sarah most certainly would have.

  3. I guess you had a problem with copyright. Would have liked to have seen it. Julianne Moore…much admired!

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