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Govs. Walker and Christie to appear at business owned by Tim Russell theft victim

Tomorrow Republican Gov. Scott Walker (pictured, left), who never met an out of state supporter he didn’t welcome with open arms, will appear at the Oak Creek headquarters of landscaping company KEI with New Jersey Gov. (and Grade-A blowhard) Chris Christie.

The joint appearance at KEI by Govs. Walker and Christie is notable because the […]

Nickolaus Watch: Help us keep Kathy Nickolaus in check on election night (contest included!)

It appears that Kathy Nickolaus may be running the show in Waukesha County in the upcoming recall election. But there’s no need to panic or storm the Waukesha County Courthouse on election night, because Waukesha County citizens have formulated a two-part comprehensive plan to help keep Nickolaus in check on May 8. Join us!

Here’s […]

VIDEO: President Obama at 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner


Governor Walker Unveils Economic Plan for Milwaukee

During a visit to a business in Milwaukee, Governor Walker unveiled a plan to revitalize a strategic portion of Milwaukee’s inner city. The main focus of the program will be the defunct 30th street industrial corridor. Ironically that has been home to the Spanish train builder, Talgo, which the governor essentially put out of business […]

Join Russ Feingold and Montana AG Steve Bullock to learn how to fight back against Citizens United

This looks like a great opportunity to learn how we citizens can fight back against Citizens United… DFA Live with Russ Feingold and Steve Bullock

Join Sen. Russ Feingold and MT Attorney General Steve Bullock on DFA Live to learn how you can get your state Attorney General in the fight to beat back Citizens […]

Wisconsin’s grassroots versus Scott Walker’s greenbacks

News came today that Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign has raised just over $13 million since January of this year as he prepares to try to retain his office in the gubernatorial recall election.

While that number is both staggering and unprecedented, one important point to note is that of the $13.2 million Gov. […]

Where in the World is Gov. Walker’s Campaign Headquarters?

In the April 30, 2012 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, No Quarter columnist, Daniel Bice, asked a question that everyone should be able to find the answer to: “So where in the world is the governor’s campaign HQ?”? Well apparently it’s a classified secret and only the official apparatchiks are let in on the […]

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: “State Programs: Let’s Improve the Product and Lower the Costs”

The following is Democratic State Sen. (and gubernatorial candidate) Kathleen Vinehout’s weekly column. This week Sen. Vinehout focuses on the need to improve the management of state programs. State Programs: Let’s Improve the Product and Lower the Costs


Sen. Kathleen Vinehout

“What programs would you cut to balance the state budget?” the reporter […]

“The Republican Party is severely dysfunctional, not severely conservative”

Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein has some comments on the recent Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein OpEd which has generated so much discussion in the political blogverse. He has some interesting observations to add to the original findings.

The key is what all of Mann and Ornstein’s examples are about, which is radicalism and irresponsible behavior, […]

In Literature, Would This Qualify as “Foreshadowing?”

Foreshadowing is a technique used by writers to hint at something coming down the plot highway. One type of foreshadowing is called telegraphing…

Spotted by Sean Keane

It was also interesting to note an easily overlooked article in Greek online newspaper Kathimerini saying that the European Commission is pressuring the European Investment Bank to […]