Good one.  Another broken Walker promise.

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2 Responses to Another Solid Video Spot for the Recall

  1. Milwaukeean says:

    Another ad also just started statewide, from the Republican governors association, which may backfire in interesting ways — as it goes after Barrett by showing him standing with the protesters at the Capitol in Madison last year.

    It’s a very strong visual, bringing back memories not only for Walker backers but also for hundreds of thousands of those protesting him there and across the state. So I wondered, watching it, whether it might do as much or more to motivate Walker foes.

    I watched it again with the sound off, and I swear that with a different voiceover, a lot of it could be a pro-recall, pro-Barrett, get-out-the-vote ad by the Democratic party.

    But if so, let’s not let the Republican governors association know. We’ll take their money in Wisconsin for the primary, leaving them even less to spend later.

  2. Jen says:

    I agree with Milwaukeean. Barrett is not my first choice, but I saw that ad last night and said, “Oh, so he *was* there.” It’s definitely a plus for me.

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