Warning!  If you click below, you will be presented with a classic example of things you can’t un-see!!!

You have been warned!

I… There really are no words… Ummm, Wow… Yeah… Ok.  Right. (spotted on Facebook)

There’s a distinct lack of man-bits in this image….

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5 Responses to Another View of Scott Walker

  1. Gareth says:

    Walker as a male stripper? No testicles but the Capitol has never looked more phallic. The look on his face is like that of a blind mole.

  2. Zach W says:

    Those are some scrawny arms.

    He also looks like he needs to use the bathroom.

  3. Sparke says:

    he has a nucular wedgie.

  4. Dennis D Degenhardt says:

    I should have heeded the warning, I’ll have nightmares all night long.

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