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  1. Oh, no.

    Look up the videos of the recount in Waukesha County of the Kloppenburg-Prosser race, and watch for Kathy Nicklaus “assisting” in that, too. And ask anyone there as witnesses about what her “assistance” meant, as she “advised” that ripped-open bags of ballots and worse were fine and not at all a concern in Waukesha County. (Well, that’s all too true there.)

    Or just look at the result of that recount, and you will know what the “assistance” of Kathy Nicklaus will ensure in the recall elections.

  2. The last time I checked, Nickolaus didn’t delegate a responsibility because she had too much work filing marriage licenses. She was ordered by County Executive Dan Vrakas to stay away from the elections or resign.

    If you live in Waukesha County, you might want to give Dan Vrakas a call and remind him about that.

  3. I wonder if Vrakas is trying to find a fall guy? If Nikolas is still helping out, but is not responsible – then who gets the blame when things go wrong again? Kelly? I think Nickolas should not be anywhere near the elections!!!

    • When Vrakas suspended Nickolaus from election duties, that was a tacit acknowledgment that Nickolaus can’t be trusted. So if they flip-flop and let Nickolaus back into the hen house and the usual “miracle” win happens, then lots of heads should roll.

      Aren’t the feds supposed to be monitoring this election?

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