It’s apparently too much for Fitzy’s supporters that he has a legitimate challenger

Spotted near Cambridge

The Compas campaign says,

We’ll do our best to replace stolen signs as funds and volunteer time allow — yard signs are expensive! Remember that our goal is to return civility to our state — please don’t retaliate against any Fitzgerald signs.

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3 Responses to Ongoing Vandalism & Theft of Lori Compas Signs

  1. Scott says:

    The ‘don’t retaliate’ message from Lori’s campaign is a perfect example of why I admire and support her.

  2. Jan Tessier says:

    I’m betting it’s one of the right-wingnuts that like to post on here.

  3. Gareth says:

    Leave the vandalised signs up. They are an eloquent testimony to the true nature of the Republican thugs and their attempted coup in Wisconsin.

    I also must mention that video surveillance cameras are very inexpensive now, or one might use one of those motion-activated trail cameras. Any deer hunters out there?

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