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Kathy Nickolaus insists she’s still 100% in charge of the upcoming recall elections

It is widely assumed that Kathy Nickolaus plans to “assist” but not run the upcoming recall elections based, in part, on a report by the Waukesha Freeman on 4/24/12. But on Saturday Nickolaus told Karen Herzog and Tom Tolan of the Journal Sentinel, “I have not relinquished any authority or responsibility in upcoming elections through […]

The Economist Goes Full Wingnut

Crooked Timber comments on this slice of wingnutty goodness at The Economist!

France desperately needs reform .. .neighbours have been undergoing genuine reforms … deep anti-business attitude … proposing not to reform at all … refusal to countenance structural reform of any sort … resistance to change … hostile to change … Until recently, voters […]

What is the Defending Wisconsin PAC spending its money on?

In the aftermath of Republican Gov. Scott Walker “dropping the bomb” on Wisconsin public employees in the form of his union-busting Act 10, which stripped public employees of virtually all of their collective bargaining rights, a number of groups came into being with the mission of working towards a recall of Gov. Walker.

Among those […]

Register Now for the Milwaukee Manufacturing Career Expo

This is reprinted in its entirety from the April 29, 2012 Letters to the Editor section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Expo connects jobs, workers If you are looking for work, here’s a tip: Register now for the Milwaukee Manufacturing Career Expo on May 10 at the State Fair Exposition Center. If you’re a Milwaukee-area […]

Dan Sebring struggling to gather signatures to get on ballot

This just cracks me up…

No doubt Dan Sebring’s difficulty gathering signatures will translate to another electoral drubbing should he actually find a way to get enough signatures to get on the ballot for the fall election.

Free Market Capitalism

For all of my blogging bretheren!

by Wiley Miller from go comics

Concealed Carry Law Creates Jobs!

Obviously the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law has created a number of local jobs running the training courses that applicants are required to complete before sending their forms and checks off to Madison. But now the New York Times also reports job growth in the fashion industry for clothing that is not only chic, but helps […]

Declining City of Milwaukee property values mean shrunken tax revenues

Most Milwaukee property owners received their property assessments with yesterday’s mail. And most of them will see decreases in their assessed valuations (me included). Over all the valuations dropped 8.9% or with residential declines of nearly $2.3 billion. From the April 27, 2012, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Citywide, assessed residential values fell nearly $2.3 billion, […]

MKE Journal Sentinel has moment of glasnost in recall coverage

I apologize to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political writers, Mr. Joel Stein and Mr. Patrick Marley, for being so tardy in making this post. I have been critical of them for ignoring two of the candidates in the Democratic primary for governor in a number of their posts (my post one and two). But on April […]