Global soft drink company Coca Cola, has read the tea leaves and recently dropped its support of right wing shadow lobbying group ALEC. Alec operated in the shadows for many years and have recently gotten some exposure. Companies and consumers are disgusted by what they see and have been dropping their support on a regular basis. Coke is just the latest.

One of ALEC’s main tramps is Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley boy is he mad!

He is so mad that people would upset his main funder that he took to twitter to call for a boycott of Coca Cola products. Hmmm typical republican despising the free market and personal choices.

“U might think abt not drinking Coca Cola since company sucombed to pressure fr Leftist not to support ALEC [sic],”

Feel free to hit up Mr. Grassley on twitter and let him know what you think!


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2 Responses to Republican Thug Calls for Boycott

  1. forgotmyscreenname says:

    Boy this is a stretch. How exactly is he “despising the free market and personal choices” by saying “U might think abt not drinking Coca Cola.” Isn’t that sort of the epitome of personal choice?

    Unlike typical liberals, he’s not trying to mandate it on the rest of us.

    But nice try.

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