In advance of Tuesday’s primary election, I’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from friends and family members, confused by which Democratic candidates are real and which are fake. Their confusions is understandable, and it means the GOP strategy is working. But it doesn’t have to, not if we take action to arm voters with factual information.

John Hanson has put together this handy listing of the real Dems vs the poseurs, including the races for Governor, Lt. Governor, and the four senate races. Please spread the info far and wide!


May 8th, 2012 Recall Primary Election – Democratic Candidates


Tom Barrett

Kathleen Falk

Doug La Follette

Kathleen Vinehout

FAKE Democrat:

Gladys Huber

Lt. Governor:

Mahlon Mitchell (Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin)

Ira Robins

FAKE Democrat:

Isaac Weix


State Senate District 13:

Lori Compas (Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin)

FAKE Democrat:

Gary Ellerman

State Senate District 21:

John Lehman (Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin)

FAKE Democrat:

Tamra Varebrook

State Senate District 23:

Kristen Dexter (Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin

FAKE Democrat:

James Engel

State Senate District 29:

Donna Seidel (Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin)

FAKE Democrat:

Jim Buckley

9 Responses to A list of real Democrats & fake Democrats for May 8th primary election

  1. Palli says:

    May people in every dell, field & town have good energy, stamina, & joy for a great turnout making a great win for all of Wisconsin and the nation.

  2. Jan Tessier says:

    What Palli said.

  3. jdahunt says:

    Dear Wisconsin voters…don’t let the liberal dems allow big union to destroy your state like they have in Illinois….if you do you may as well as change the name to Northern Illinois.

  4. Holly Lamb says:

    A lot of jobs Zach! However the Public Union Employees don’t care about anyone else, as long as they are getting theirs. WI went from a big deficit to no deficit, you’d think the ones who would have gotten laid off would be thanking him. It’s a Me Me Me Public Union. Unions are just another name for BULLY. Public Bully Association. I make my own decisions I don’t need a Union to tell me how to think, or what I deserve in life. My family were and are Union Members and I am the happiest of them all.

    • Zach W says:

      Holly, what constitutes “a lot of jobs?”

      I ask because you say Gov. Walker has created “a lot of jobs,” but according to jobs data, Wisconsin lost more jobs than any other state last year, to the tune of 23,000 jobs lost.

      The last time I checked, 23,000 jobs lost doesn’t constitute “a lot of jobs” created, but it sure looks like “a lot of jobs” lost.

      • Zuma Bound says:

        Come on now, Zach. Don’t EVEN think about resorting to those standard progressive tricks like using simple math and unambiguous facts. Holly is obviously too smart for THAT kind of progressive tomfoolery.

        Stand your ground, Holly. Don’t let Zach confuse things with the facts.

    • Zuma Bound says:

      Holly Lamb: “I don’t need a Union to tell me how to think, or what I deserve in life.”

      And, yet, Holly, here you are, carrying water for the One Percent and the Koch Brothers who have gotten so deep into your head that you don’t realize they are telling you what to think, or that you have been tricked into protecting THEIR interests, rather than your own, making you just another useful idiot like Dante and Wingnut.

      • Zuma Bound says:

        I guess, at bottom, Ms. Holly, my point here was that you’re not as much of an “independent thinker” as you apparently give yourself for being.

        Time to wake up, and smell the manipulation.

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