Poor Henry…  He got fondled by the TSA.

After asking Kissinger his name as he passed through the scanner, the agent sent him to be searched. Kissinger was in a wheelchair, Cole tells us, not because he couldn’t walk, but because, Cole surmised, it was a long walk to the gate. In the search area, Kissinger was subjected to what Cole called “the full Monty” of the usual groping. “He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders. They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was,” he says.

This is the man widely regarded by folks on the left as a war criminal.  Architect of the bombing of Cambodia, the escalation of the Vietnam war and the murder / assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile, Kissinger is certainly guilty of more than one murder in his life.  Hearing about him being fondled by the TSA is fun, but not as much fun as hearing about him fondled by his 280 pound cellmate in Leavenworth.

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23 Responses to Life on the D-List

  1. John says:

    Correction: people on the far looney left think he is a war criminal. 99% of the country have respect for his service. The man literally wrote the book on diplomacy.

  2. Other Side says:

    Kissinger was a self-absorbed egotist who delighted in hearing his own voice. He tried to play politics during negotiations and, along with Nixon, is largely responsible for the unnecessary deaths of US members of the military and countless Vietnamese civilians.

    I wish they had done a cavity search, though I would have felt bad for the person required to carry out that distasteful procedure.

  3. John says:

    Thank you all for proving that while I am a Democrat, I am more comfortable with Republicans. You wack jobs have ruined my party.

    • Phil Scarr says:

      A Democrat who is more comfortable with Republicans? Yeah… You and Zell Miller should organize a dance. You can invite all your faux centrist friends and pretend you’re all still “real” Democrats in the spirit of Strom Thurmond.

    • Zuma Bound says:

      That’s MISTER “wack job” to you. (*wink*)

      All kidding aside, John-Boy, if you’re a Democrat, I’m a Teathuglican. And I’m no Teathuglican.

      In any event, it’s “whack”, not “wack”. And, “fringe”, not “fring”. If you’re going to be disingenuous, at least spell correctly, huh?

  4. Other Side says:

    You are a liar, John.

    Still, thanks for your ill-informed comments.

  5. John says:

    My party is the party of LBJ, Kennedy, and Clinton. Not sure what happened to it.

  6. John says:

    That should read: “not sure what happened to if it slipped so far to call Kissinger a war criminal 40 years after Vietnam.”

  7. Other Side says:

    Kennedy was before LBJ. What about FDR, Truman and Jimmy Carter (just the moderns)? You’re fairly selective for a Dem, and I still don’t believe you. No Dem in his/her right mind would flock to Walker, unless that person was dishonest like Walker.

    Kissinger was called a war criminal during the war. Not new news.

    • Phil Scarr says:

      Honestly, the Vietnam war was horrible. A tragedy for all involved. But what really pisses me off about Kissinger is that he very likely personally orchestrated the assassination of Salvador Allende and the rise of Pinochet in Chile.

      According to the first transcript dated October 1, 1973, when Kissinger was informed by his assistant secretary of inter-American affairs of initial reports of massacres following the coup he told his staff that the U.S. should not defend what the regime was doing. However, he emphasized: “But I think we should understand our policy–that however unpleasant they act, the [military] government is better for us than Allende was.”

      In any decent society, that would earn him a trip to the electric chair / gas chamber / firing squad.

      • Zuma Bound says:

        Phil: “In any decent society, that would earn him a trip to the electric chair / gas chamber / firing squad.”

        Or, in John’s pretend Democratic Party member world, the appellation of “American hero”, apparently.

    • John says:

      I am not voting for Walker. Why would you think that?

    • John says:

      I just picked three. I almost added FDR as well as I think he was certainly the best president of the last 100 years, but since we were referencing Kissinger picked 3 post 60s Democrats who had enormous influence. I am more of a fan of LBJ myself.

      Carter is just Carter. As much as I like him, he was not a very good president because of a lot of thing s outside of his control and his influence is really post presidency.

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