Wow….just wow.

I’m not really sure what to make of that report, but if it’s true, it’s more than a little troubling.

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7 Responses to Milwaukee Police officer caught spying on “Occupy Riverwest” protesters?

  1. dante says:

    Once again we have here are union members who think they are entitled to work. Grow up, get a resume and start looking for a job. If you don’t like what the wages are look for a job that offers better, the employer has the right to set payscale and benefits you have the right to accept or decline, its really that simple. If no one works for that guy at those rates they will need to increase the pay and or benefits, but it looks like they have employees willing to work.

  2. Anon says:

    First, Dante, this isn’t about the union members…it’s about a Milwaukee Police Officer named Michael S. Murphy spying and interfering with Occupy Riverwest protesters. There is another story about Michael S. Murphy on Occupy Riverwest’s blog that is also worth a read. I beg everyone on here who cares about our freedoms to read it. This situation is serious.

  3. Dante says:

    Anything from any Occupy movement is not to be considered as legitimate or honest.

    • PJ says:

      More liars and whiners, Dante? Public employees, unions, Occupy protestors – all liars and whiners to be readily dismissed? Sounds like you’ve been spoon fed some Goebbels Goo. What is it about Occupy that would prompt you to deny it any legitimacy?

  4. Anon says:

    Don’t let Dante change the subject.

  5. Gee says:

    Once again, we have Dante trying to deflect from the topic.

    This is a serious concern, and I thank you for the post on another problem with MPD. Let’s keep putting on the pressure to get the chief to answer for this, too.

  6. Anon says:

    This Milwaukee Police Officer Michael S. Murphy made up a fake Facebook profile and befriended many liberals and union members trying to get insider information.

    The fake profile named he used was “Mickey Lynch”…where have we heard that name (Mickey) before?

    He would find out when Occupy Riverwest events were planned and then try to interrupt the peaceful protests by telling the people who intended on going the events that it has been cancelled. He did this using the name “Mickey Lynch”.

    It is alleged he did this while he was on duty…being paid by the taxpayers he was spying on. But…regardless…even if he wasn’t on duty this is a violation of the MPD Code of Conduct.

    From my understanding…he (MSM) called a man who organizes many of the Occupy Riverwest protest and forgot to block his name and number. So…as he is calling pretending to be “Mickey Lynch” his name came up as Michael S. Murphy on the caller ID. This is how MSM was found out.

    That is my understanding of the situation…but if I am wrong please feel free to correct me.

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