The Kathy Nickolaus Watch contest will close this Sunday, 5/6/12, at 6pm, so please get your suggestions for twitter hastags in before the deadline. Jeff C. and I will announce the winner on Monday morning, in advance of Tuesday’s election.

Story/contest details here.


From the Kathy Nickolaus 2012 Collection

7 Responses to Nickolaus Watch contest closes Sunday-get your hashtag ideas in!

  1. #HowManyKathyNickolausDoesItTakeTo…..

  2. Lisa Mux says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions thus far, everyone-great to see so much creativity!
    Just so you know, the winner can choose to have his/her name published with the hashtag or not, it’s totally up to that person.

    Keep ’em coming!

  3. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    #cheatingKathy .

    So what do I win? 😉

  4. Lisa Mux says:

    Jake, you’ve already won my appreciation for participating. 🙂

  5. Rich says:


  6. dante says:


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