It’s been a long, long, long war

March 30th, 1912

To the Editor of The Times.


After reading Sir Almroth Wright’s able and weighty exposition of women as he knows them the question seems no longer to be “Should women have votes?” but “Ought women not to be abolished altogether?”

I have been so much impressed by Sir Almroth Wright’s disquisition, backed as it is by so much scientific and personal experience, that I have come to the conclusion that women should be put a stop to.

We learn from him that in their youth they are unbalanced, that from time to time they suffer from unreasonableness and hypersensitiveness, and that their presence is distracting and irritating to men in their daily lives and pursuits. If they take up a profession, the indelicacy of their minds makes them undesirable partners for their male colleagues. Later on in life they are subject to grave and long-continued mental disorders, and, if not quite insane, many of them have to be shut up.

Now this being so, how much happier and better would the world not be if only it could be purged of women? It is here that we look to the great scientists. Is the case really hopeless? Women no doubt have had their uses in the past, else how could this detestable tribe have been tolerated till now? But is it quite certain that they will be indispensable in the future? Cannot science give us some assurance, or at least some ground of hope, that we are on the eve of the greatest discovery of all—i.e., how to maintain a race of males by purely scientific means?

And may we not look to Sir Almroth Wright to crown his many achievements by delivering mankind from the parasitic, demented, and immoral species which has infested the world for so long?

Yours obediently,

(“One of the Doomed”)

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3 Responses to The Forever War on Women -or- The GOP is just the Tip of the Iceberg

  1. Randy Bastard says:

    I believe the author had his tongue firmly planted inside his cheek when he wrote this. Satire goes back just as far as the war against women.

    • Phil Scarr says:

      I believe the author had his tongue firmly planted inside his cheek when he wrote this.

      Alas, were that true. But Sir Almroth Wright was a well-known misogynist and protested bitterly in the UK to prevent women from getting the vote for the reasons he stated in his book. Here is the letter Miss Churchill was responding to. According to Dr. Wright,

      Peace will come again. It will come when woman ceases to believe and to teach all manner of evil of man despitefully. It will come when she ceases to impute to him as a crime her own natural disabilities, when she ceases to resent the fact that man cannot and does not wish to work side by side with her. And peace will return when every woman for whom there is no room in England seeks “rest” beyond the sea, “each one in the house of her husband,” and when the woman who remains in England comes to recognize that she can without sacrifice of dignity give a willing subordination to the husband or father, who, when all is said and done, earns and lays up money for her.

  2. What a discrimination! According to author women are not human beings at all, huh? Is he a women-hater?

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