It’s a tasty bit of irony that Mitt Romney’s history of bullying a weaker kid, gay or otherwise, may improve his standing with conservative voters.  Like I said.  Ironic.

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3 Responses to The Irony is Ironic

  1. Zuma Bound says:

    Conservative bigotry and thuggishness, ironic? Regrettably, “unsurprising” is a better adjective.

    The Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen, the party of bigotry, “let them eat cake” class warfare and “Social safety nets? We don’t need no frigging social safety nets.”

    I wonder how the gay sons and lesbian daughters of some of those conservatives feel about their parents’ and RMoney’s embrace of anti-gay bigotry.

    Romney is Romney-esque-ly trying to weasel/ half-ass his way around the college hazing of a gay classmate in which he engaged with his, “I just don’t have any recollection of that” bullshit. I further wonder just how well that is flying with bigoted conservatives who would rather he say something like, “He was gay. Who cares what we did to him?”

  2. Chris says:

    Sad but true and a good reason to point out his more recent vulture capitalism instead then throw in the fact that he was a cheerleader.

  3. Zuma Bound says:

    Seriously, I just don’t see the irony. Given the moral cesspool that contemporary conservatism has become, it does, however, make perfect sense.

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