Yesterday Lisa noted that David Shuster has reported that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has become a target of a federal investigation being done parallel to the ongoing Milwaukee County “John Doe” investigation into whether Republican Gov. Scott Walker engaged in any criminal activity during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive.

To date, six individuals who either worked for Walker, were close associates of Walker, or who were appointees of Walker have been charged with 15 different felony charges. What’s more, 13 individuals have also been granted immunity in exchange for their testimony relating to the John Doe investigation, leaving me to wonder when Scott Walker will finally be charged with a crime.

What do you think?

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9 Responses to When will Scott Walker be indicted?

  1. Steven Reynolds says:

    Walker will be indicted by Labor Day. Otherwise, not until after the November elections.

  2. Sparke says:

    just waiting on the Feds. Then it will slowwwwwwly roll, like the wheels of time. I’d like to see a Blago-style early wake-up call. But I’m sure they’ll give him kid-glove treatment to prevent yet more protests.

  3. Rich says:

    Anytime after August 6.

  4. Tomato Addict says:

    Part of me wants to say “Not soon enough”, but really, I want to see it done right. That might take some time.

  5. PJ says:

    Never underestimate the capacity for self-serving erasure and obstructionism among shrewd and debased men. Protracted stonewalling means one thing – systematic incrimination purge. I scry with my little eye a longish ordeal for a substantial indictment – 2014.

  6. GetaGrip says:

    Really, you aqre listening to David Shuster again. Remember going down this road six years ago with that moronic windbag? Walker will not be indicted, but Shuster should be banned from the airwaves.

  7. Ann says:

    Since Scotty is a puppet of the Koch Brothers and Citizens United and has been countrywide to add to his defense fund, I believe that justice will prevail. As one excellent journalist put it, – why does he lie so much – and he has been from day 1. Some won’t like this but it is the truth, unfortunately.

  8. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Sure wonder if the national media will make note of the lying and eventual indictment with Romney’s visit tomorrow. We know the state media doesn’t have the guts to mention that Scotty is a deceptive crook, but maybe the national media won’t need to kiss his backside so much (I can dream, anyway).

    By the way, put me down for July 26 in the indictment pool. Although I’d love for it to be about 2 days before the RNC, so they’ll have to scramble to get Walker off the speaking schedule.

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