This is positively awesome…

The American Mustache Institute today announced it is supporting Mustached American ironworker Randy Bryce of Racine in the race for the 62nd District seat in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Bryce is pitted against Melissa Lemke in a primary August 14. The winner will face spousal compromise-wearing Republican candidate Tom Weatherston in the November 6 general election.

“I’m running to represent working people, whereas Ms. Lemke is more of a political insider,” said Bryce. “That’s why over the past 18 months I’ve been a leader on issues facing the working class in Wisconsin as my life experiences have better-prepared me to speak on behalf of the majority of voters in the 62nd District.”

In consideration that Bryce’s current occupation entails “strapping on a work belt and building America as an Ironworker” — and having captured the majority of the region’s Labor endorsements (most recently the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO) — the administration of the American Mustache Institute felt he was best suited to lead the significant Mustached American community domiciled in Wisconsin’s 62nd district.

“As a Mustached American military veteran and longtime ironworker, Mr. Bryce brings a perspective and rugged attractiveness to Wisconsin’s 62nd District that no other candidate can adequately address,” said Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman, AMI chief executive officer. “Therefore, we shall unleash the Mustached American community on the ballot boxes in support of our good looking brother.”

On a more serious note (although Randy’s mustache is serious business), the Wisconsin AFL-CIO announced its endorsement of Randy Bryce’s campaign, but considering Randy is a union guy, that endorsement shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

4 Responses to American Mustache Institute endorses Randy Bryce for State Assembly

  1. Lisa Mux says:

    This is great! And Randy’s a good guy.

  2. Aaron Camp says:

    Tom Barrett shouldn’t have shaved off his mustache.

  3. It was suggested that I shave before I ran for school board…maybe I should have!

  4. A holder of the light says:

    As a comrade-on-the-bridge to Randy, I support the endorsement of the Mustache Institution. Randy’s style enhances his sincerity and gives him the edge over his “non-mustached” opponent. Go Randy!

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