Says perennial Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring about the conservative Leadership Institute:

“Leadership Institute training is an absolute must for anyone seeking public office,” Dan said. “It is far and away the most comprehensive, indispensable crash course introduction to political activism for activists, candidates, and campaign staffers on the planet. I recommend it highly to anyone considering running for public office and their staff.”

Since completing his training at the Leadership Institute, Dan Sebring has used what he learned there to get crushed by incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2010 (he got a paltry 29.6% of the vote), and he’s like to face another electoral drubbing in 2012.

The fact is, no amount of training or guidance can change the fact that the vast majority of residents of the Fourth Congressional district simply aren’t interested in being represented by a Republican extremist who can “trace his roots to the Mayflower” and who has demonstrated he clearly isn’t interested in representing anyone who doesn’t share his narrow world view.

UPDATE: Apparently Dan Sebring still has a thin skin, if this post on his official Facebook page is any indication:

Thanks for reading, Dan!

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3 Responses to Dan Sebring attends conservative Leadership Institute, gets butt kicked in 2010 election (UPDATED)

  1. SuzyMetta4 says:

    Hey! I can trace my roots to the Mayflower!

    But then, I’m not a Republican extremist. Never mind.

  2. ObviouslyCrazy4thDistrictResident says:

    Why is it even necessary to write a post/article about Mr. Sebring if he is really no threat? Seems like an odd use of your time to me, author.

    • You’re absolutely correct that Dan Sebring isn’t really a threat; his performance in a Republican wave year in 2010 proved that. I choose to write about Sebring because he amuses me.

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