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  1. Romney should release his tax returns when Obama removes executive privilege on the Fast and Furious documents. Hundreds of people have been killed because the Obama administration allowed guns to be sold to the Mexican drug cartels.

    • tom harlen! You’ve returned! 🙂 With great joy I welcome you back! With great delight do I read of the Dick Morris inanity embedded in your comment. Romney releasing his tax returns has no connection whatsoever to executive privilege. Your tit for tat suggestion plays no part in responsible governance. You are vying for hostage politics. If you’d like to make a point about Fast and Furious do it in an appropriate forum. For now, perhaps you could elaborate on the subject at hand: Romney releasing his tax returns. So, do you think he should release them so he can be traditionally vetted or do you think Romney is exempt from scrutiny and criticism? If so, what entitles Romney to that luxury and why?

      • This is exposing the liberal hypocrisy. Obozo wants Romney to release his tax returns, but he refuses to release the Fast and Furious documents. Remember that hundreds of people, including American citizens were killed because of Fast and Furious.

        And while he’s at it, Obozo should release his college transcripts. Why is he hiding them?

        • Ah, Tom Harlen, you possess an uncommon nastiness worthy of much attention. The tenacity of your venom exceeds all bounds of human decency which reveals a fanatical resolve. It is in that context all your comments shall be viewed.

          Try as you may to assert hypocrisy, your attestations belie a more sinister fact: you are applying propagandist diversionary tactics. It is the American people – the entire citizenry that Obama represents when he calls for Mitt Romney’s tax returns. It is the American people, not merely President Obama who call for Mitt Romney to demonstrate a level of dignity deserving of the office for which he is running.

          The hypocrisy rests with you, Tom Harlen, when you attempt to divert attention to matters which have nothing whatsoever to do with the matter at hand. Mitt Romney’s honesty, integrity, and forthrightness are the matters at hand as well as the agenda he would impose on the American people. Mitt Romney’s actions are independent of and have zero relationship to Obama’s executive privilege or Obama’s transcripts. The issue at hand is not Obama. It is Romney.

          I ask you, Tom Harlen:

          Do you think Mitt Romney should release his tax returns in a measure consistent with the office he seeks to hold? Perhaps meeting the standard his father set? 12 years? Or the standard met when he was vying for a lesser office – that of vice-president – 20+ years he released to McCain in 2008? At least as many years as his opponent has released?

          Do you think Candidate Romney should be traditionally vetted or do you think Romney is exempt from scrutiny and criticism? If so, what entitles Romney to that luxury and why?

        • Tom Harlan , I don’t believe Obama did that fast and furious thing, what ever it is, he would not betray American peoples saftey, Can you prove it? and please don’t use derogatory names it reflects on yourself. love PJs reply very elegant, true, and on point.

  2. All of the above and more. News this morning is that the returns he HAS presented are not even complete, potentially hiding additional Swiss accounts.

  3. Odds are that Mitt took the 2009 tax amnesty for Swiss bank accounts. It also looks bad that you claim that taxes on the rich are too high, when in fact you pay a much lower percentage than a middleclass tax payer. Mitt has taken questionable deductions in the past, from “Son of Boss” when he was with Marriott, to declaring his wifes hobby a business. His handlers don’t want the unlevel playing field revealed.

  4. All of the above as well as the following:
    1. evidence showing Romney paid state taxes in New Hamshire but voted in Massachusetts with an address that was his son’s basement;
    2. more off shore tax havens;
    3. outrageous deduction items that detail lifestyle choices far above other Americans.

  5. The first thing that comes to mind with him having a Swiss Numbered Account is that in 2009 the Swiss were under pressure from IRS to release thousands of names of account holders. There were so many that Congress gave them time to come clean themselves before they WERE CHARGED WITH INCOME TAX EVASION! If Romney took part in the 2009 Amnesty Program, he should quietly step down! It is not lawful to EVADE tax in the US. That is why so many trusted the numbered accounts for so long.

    McCain saw 23 years, from 2008 backward to 1985. Some years, he will have paid between 0-5% tax. That will be hard for working people to swallow.