It’s no secret that I’m not a supporter of Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who’s once again hoping against hope to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore here in the fourth Congressional district.

While I’ve certainly been critical of Sebring here on the blog, I did find some agreement with this statement from his campaign website:

It is the job of members of The House of Representatives to take the ideas, opinions and concerns of the people they represent to Washington and say “this is what the people want”. It is not to bring the policies of the government back to the people and tell them they need to “get behind it”.

My campaign to unseat the incumbent Democrat is about representation. My promise to the people of the 4 th District is to take their ideas, opinions, and concerns to Washington and tell the government “This is what the people want and we have to get behind them!”

However, while Sebring may promise to take the “ideas, opinions, and concerns” of the citizens of the fourth Congressional district to Washington, D.C., he apparently doesn’t want to hear the “ideas, opinions, and concerns” of those potential constituents who may not agree with some of the ideological positions Sebring holds.

See, when I surfed over to Sebring’s campaign Facebook page to compliment him on his stated desire to truly represent the “ideas, opinions, and concerns” of his potential constituents, I discovered I had been blocked from commenting on Sebring’s Facebook page. It’s a small and petty thing, to be sure, and while it’s Sebring’s right to block comments to his Facebook page from whomever he so chooses, the decision by Dan Sebring to block my ideas, opinions, and concerns from his Facebook page tells me a lot about what kind of “representative” he’d be for me – not to mention all the other folks in the fourth Congressional district who may not share Sebring’s narrow worldview.

For the record, I attempted to reach Sebring’s campaign via email but received no response even days after my inquiry.

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