May Garden Center in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin appears to be selling castle doctrine paraphernalia. On display in the window of the shop are large decorative signs that customers can purchase to hang on their doors or place on their lawns. The signs read, “We Don’t Dial 911,” with what appear to be wooden guns hanging below. One sign features a mock pistol, the other a rifle. I find the sale of these “ornaments” incredibly disturbing and dangerous. Come on, Wisconsin, we are better than this!


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16 Responses to Castle doctrine paraphernalia for sale in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  1. John Casper says:

    Need insurance carriers to weigh in on this garbage. That kind of message is intrinsically incendiary. It’s a needless invitation to trouble.

  2. rtfq says:

    How dare they value their own lives?! They should redistribute their property willingly and surrender their lives if/when bad guys demand it.

    Don’t they know “from each according to their ability. To each according to their need.”

    They’re just bitter clingers of their lives, liberty, and property. How outdated. Modern men have progressed beyond that.

    • Mike W says:

      That’s right thems people don’t calls the socialist guvmint when theys in trouble. Nor do they go to the socialist public schools, or the socialism public library or use the socialist internet that was developed by the forcefully redistributed moneys and property like it was with the socialist public roads. Soon the treasury department will be flooded with money as all the Tea Party types start paying back the social security they receive beyond what they put in. What socialism are you giving up today or are we going to just going to listen to more empty patriotic grand standing?

  3. John Casper says:

    rt, early reports are that the shooting in College Station may be connected to an eviction. Are you current on your mortgage?

  4. CJ McD says:

    rtgq- That’s such a bunch of bull crap. If your life is in danger, you have a right to self defense. I’m a gun owner and I would never think about shooting a person unless my or a loved one’s life were truly in danger. And that doesn’t mean some drunk guy standing on my porch.

  5. Lisa, some of us are better than that, but there are many others who feel they’re better suited to be judge, jury, and executioner than an actual judge, a jury full of people, and an executioner.

  6. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Must be the E.Coli in the drinking water. That is a seriously disgusting message, especially in light of today’s Texas A+M shooting.

  7. Mel says:

    Talk about radical right wing-nut. You’re totally blowing this issue way out of proportion, rtfq. I think John Casper has a great idea with regard to insurance. I believe that could be an important key in preventing the willy-nilly shootings that CJ McD and Zach refer to in their posts. We need something to protect us from people like rtfq, who seems over-excited about his right to shoot to kill.

  8. Grace says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been lots of shopping there in the past. Done. This is Fitzwalkerstan! Must be “Christians”.

  9. Lisa Mux says:

    I’m not calling for a boycott here (please re-read the post).
    And I’ve never sought to “destroy a business.”
    I’m simply pointing out that one of the items the business sells has the potential to cause harm in the wake of recent shootings, and that we, as Wisconsinites, need to be more careful.

    And I am not “the left”, I am Lisa.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Lisa Mux says:

      Also, I’m a liberal blogger in the most conservative county in the nation. I’m flattered that you think I have the power to bring down May Garden Center, but I can assure you, I don’t have that kind of power, nor do I want it.

  10. John Casper says:

    Free how much have you “bought” so far?

    Pics please and show the store receipts.

  11. Sarah says:

    I don’t see the sign as posing the potential of causing harm. Each of us has the right to protect our property. If someone threatens me by entering my home uninvited, I will use all means to protect myself. I live in a rural area. By the time law enforcement would arrive, I could be injured or dead. I will not allow anyone to take advantage of me.

  12. Dan says:

    Obviously the signs are great at getting liberal panties in a bunch.

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