Yesterday I noted criticisms of Wisconsin’s Senate Democrats on the heels of a revelation that in individual interviews with The Wheeler Report, not a single Senate Democrat listed the restoration of collective bargaining rights for public employees as one of their legislative priorities for the next session of the Legislature.

No doubt in response to repeated criticism of the seeming lack of initiative on the restoration of collective bargaining, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mark Miller issued a press release affirming his support for the restoration of collective bargaining rights for public employees.

“Senate Democrats remain strongly committed to restoring the collective bargaining rights that were stripped away by Governor Walker and Republican legislators this session. Any statement that we are not fully committed to this fight is simply ridiculous.


“Restoring the rights of workers to collectively bargain is a key part of building back our economy in Wisconsin. Because of Governor Walker and Legislative Republicans, tens of thousands of workers can no longer negotiate over the hours they work, the safety conditions they labor under, or the health insurance and retirement benefits they and their families depend on. Wisconsin now has fewer valuable experienced employees because they have retired or left our state for other jobs.

While I’m encouraged by Sen. Miller’s statements about restoring collective bargaining rights for public employees, I’ll believe the words when I see action.

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5 Responses to Senate Majority Leader Miller: “Senate Democrats remain strongly committed to restoring collective bargaining rights”

  1. DairyQueen says:

    I remain fully committed to picking up a quart of ice cream at the supermarket this weekend. But it is unlikely to happen if I don’t put it on my grocery list.

  2. Rob Golla says:

    What can you do? Call your state senator. Explain to them that this is the issue! Repubs voted 33 times to repeal ACA. Bring the battle to them. If we remain silent cause “we can’t win” then we have already lost.

  3. CJ McD says:

    DairyQueen nailed it.

    Ok Miller. You’ve got the majority now. “Strongly commited” is not the same as introducing and passing legislation. Don’t wuss out and sell the people who put you there down river.

  4. rodeodance says:

    polls show a lack of enthusiasm compared to the TeaGOP voters. I wonder why!

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