Though we tend to focus on all things political here at Blogging Blue, I wanted to take a few minutes to write about some great local businesses here in Cudahy, in hopes that those of you who live in the Cudahy/St. Francis/South Milwaukee/southern half of Milwaukee County area will consider supporting these businesses as well.

The first of the two businesses I’m proud to support is Fancy Paws Dog Grooming, which has been in business since 2000. We’ve been using Fancy Paws for well over a year now to keep Calvin looking his best, and Donna from Fancy Paws does a great job for a great price. Calvin can be difficult – we never crate trained him so he doesn’t like to be locked in a cage – but Donna’s been really understanding about letting Calvin “hang out” in her shop until we’re able to pick him up, and she’s very knowledgeable about the products she uses (and the products she recommends to her customers). If you’re interested in making an appointment with Donna, you’ll always want to call well in advance, as she’s typically always booked up several weeks in advance. Fancy Paws is located at 4733 South Packard Ave in Cudahy, you can reach Donna at (414) 481-PAWS (7297) to set up an appointment.

The second local business I’m proud to support is Craftsman Computer Services, Inc. also located here in Cudahy. Craftsman has been in business since July 1992, and Laverne is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to computers. My laptop’s wireless network card was recently on the fritz, and since I’m not terribly knowledgeable about how to repair laptops, I had to find someone to figure out the problem and then fix it. I was loathe to use Best Buy’s Geek Squad or the service department of one of the other electronics chain stores, because I’ve had some absolutely rotten experiences with them in the past. After a quick Google search, I came upon Craftsman Computer Services, and I’m glad I found them.

While the problem with my laptop was more severe than I had hoped (and would cost more to fix than the laptop is worth), Laverne was able to find a workaround that allowed me to continue to use the laptop until I’m ready to buy a new one. Laverne very clearly explained what the issue was with my laptop, and the best part of the whole experience was how much Laverne charged for his services. While many larger repair shops will charge an arm and a leg for the labor associated with fixing your computer, Laverne charges a very reasonable flat rate for labor of $89 for laptops and $79 for desktops (plus the price of any parts involved). In my experience, that’s an extremely reasonable rate for labor, especially when the person doing the labor is actually doing the job right the first time.

In addition to his excellent repair services, Laverne also offers a laptop buying service. If you’ve got an old laptop and you’re ready to upgrade to something newer, Laverne will help you with your purchase. He’ll help you research your new laptop and make a recommendation, and then he’ll transfer all your data from your current machine to your new laptop. In addition he’ll set up your new system and take care of any warranty support, and he’ll set up your printer and camera. The coolest part of this service is that it’s practically free if you choose to trade in your old laptop to Laverne once you purchase your new machine. This really is a great service (one I’m definitely going to take advantage of).

Craftsman Computer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce. If you need a new computer or just need your existing computer repaired, you should definitely give Laverne at Craftsman Computer a call at (414) 831-0824 or stop in at his shop located at 3556 East Barnard Avenue in Cudahy….you won’t be sorry you did!


6 Responses to Support some great local businesses!

  1. John Casper says:

    Thanks Zach.

    Buying local is a real high priority with me.

  2. Zach, your lengthy review about Craftsman Computer is quite humbling. Laverne has always been an educator, and apparently his zeal to teach folks how to get the most out of their computing is evident. We are glad we have been able to help you and hope to assist you with your laptop choice in the near future.

  3. Migosh says:

    Forwarded to a friend who called for the name of our great computer repair guy, but he doesn’t do laptops, which is her need. And filing this for ourselves, for our laptops. Thanks!

  4. We’ll see how it goes…my wife’s laptop is there now and my PC took a dump yesterday…so in it goes.

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