In less than four days, more than 10,000 people have signed my petition calling on Tommy Thompson to denounce personal attacks in politics. Wisconsinites from all over the state have expressed outrage, not only over the homophobic email Thompson’s aide sent to the media, but over the way Thompson has handled the entire situation. It’s been one week and not only has Brian Nemoir failed to apologize, he’s still working on the Thompson campaign. And Tommy Thompson has not taken responsibility.

Here are some of the comments from around the state, not just Madison and Milwaukee, although, like it or not, Madison and Milwaukee ARE part of the state and “the heartland”:

“Tommy needs to take responsibility for what is said in his name. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”-Montfort, WI

“Thompson should be ashamed of his campaign and issue an outright apology. Anyone in his staff who had a part in this should be held accountable!”-Milwaukee, WI

“I would hope that Thompson will take responsibility for his campaign and the divisive, personal attacks they’re pushing and put an end to it.”-Stoughton, WI

“We certainly expected better of you, Tommy. Are you saying you aren’t even strong enough to run your own campaign and hold it to higher standards?”-Monona, WI

“This email is completely inappropriate! MANY of us have gay family and/or friends that we dearly love. Shame on you! You, Tommy Thompson, owe Tammy Baldwin and the Wisconsin people a personal apology. If you truly did not know of the email put out by Brian Nemoir it is your responsibility to also have him apologize personally to Tammy and the people of Wisconsin. The Buck Stops With YOU in this matter. If you want to be our governor show us your leadership – don’t allow this to continue without admitting this was a terrible “mistake”.”-Milton, WI

“Brian Nemior should be fired.”-Milwaukee, WI

“Man up or get out of the race.”-West Salem, WI

“I remember Ron Johnson saying it wasn’t his fault, outside groups were smearing Feingold, and refusing to limit anyone’s free speech. I will ask you the same question Russ did — “What about YOUR freedom of speech?””-Oconomowoc, WI

“It is sad to see a once credible politician stoop to Carl Rove type behaviors. Heartland values nor those of other than the far right are not those you now demonstrate.”-Springstead, WI

“What happened to Tommy in Washington? He used to at least a level of decency and integrity!”-Mineral Point, WI

“We need more statesmen and fewer politicians.”-Green Bay, WI

“Tired of all the lies Tommy Thompson thinks he can tell and not have to answer for.”-Shawano, WI

“Candidates may not WRITE the words, but they must edit and approve of the content. Tommy, shame on you…don’t let your advisors run your campaign. If you do, then you are the same as they are. Desperate and Divisive! And not so smart about Wisconsin!”-Madison, WI

“Get real, Thompson. Do you seriously think you are qualified to represent WI when you tolerate this kind of childish behavior from your staff?”-Rio, WI

“It seems that this behavior is the product of politicians who are so certain that their OWN policy has NO merit, that they believe they can ONLY win by using sleaze, lies, deceit, trickery and outright theft of US citizens’ right to vote. Mr. Thompson, is that you, too? And is that nasty behavior any kind of “value” that any US citizen should want?”-Walworth, WI

“Please, Mr. Thompson, get serious. We voters deserve and demand better than this ridiculous campaign strategy being utilized by your camp. Our state and nation have many issues that need to be addressed by all of our candidates. Tammy Baldwin is trying to run a mature and fair contest. We ask you to do the same”.-Janesville, WI

“I have always been very proud of our state; and even of most of our politicians. Until Groups like Americans for Prosperity and Club for Growth invaded us, that is. Please, Tommy, stand up for Wisconsin values! This is not who we are, and hopefully not who you have become!”-Grand Chute, WI

“Don’t you think it is about time to stop this and take responsibilty for such attacks?”-Park Falls, WI

“Stick to the truth, Tommy. Take responsibility for your campaign staff.”-Madison, WI

“When a non-issue, personal attack is made associated with any candidate, that candidate should make a public apology for it. Attacking an opponent based on sex, age, creed, race, or other such personal “difference” should not be an election ploy. Anyone who does should be ashamed.”-Grand Chute, WI

“Until recently Wisconsin championed and prided itself on having a clean and fair political climate. Tommy Thompson should stick to the issues and his campaign must offer an apology to his opponent.”-Wausau, WI

“I tell my first through third graders whom I teach to be responsible…You are a grown man, be responsible. Be respectful.”-Milwaukee, WI

“It is time to tell the truth, Tommy! Tammy Baldwin deserves an apology from you.”-Weston, WI

“As far as I’m concerned, if offensive remark came from his campaign, it came from Tommy Thompson himself. I’m ashamed of him. His name should be removed from public buildings and he should be retired for good.”-Milwaukee, WI

“You want to represent Wisconsin so behave in a way that would make Wisconsin proud. It is time for you to personally apologize for your attack on Tammy Baldwin.”-Plymouth, WI

“As a parent and educator, I have spent a lifetime promoting honesty. How can any of your constituents be expected to believe you about anything you say if you don’t tell the truth about everything? People are more intelligent than you give them credit for being. “Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.””-Middleton, WI

“This kind of campaigning will erode the goodwill the people of Wisconsin have for you and your prior service, Mr. Thompson. Renounce that message fast and get rid of campaign staff that promote it!”-Oregon, WI

“Tommy, a member of your campaign wrote the statement, that means it’s coming from you….You need to grow up and stop the personal attack!”-Lomira, WI

“Whether the email and video came directly from you or members of your staff, you have allowed the extreme rhetoric and hateful politics of the far right to pollute your campaign and your reputation. You should be ashamed of yourself, Tommy.”-Whitefish Bay, WI

“If you can’t take responsibility for this, what can we expect out of you if you were a Senator?”-Cambridge, WI

Finally, my favorite comment:

“We have to find a way to hold all politicians accountable for lies or intentionally misleading people. Truth and honesty are missing from most politicians and the general public has come to accept it. We need to demand more from those that represent us.”-Royalton, WI

Amen, Royalton. Amen.

12 Responses to More than 10,000 sign petition against personal attacks, tell Tommy Thompson to “take responsibility”

  1. Alice Schneiderman says:

    Tommy Thompson is NOT for citizens of Wisconsin!

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  3. independent guy says:

    Ok, Thompson has denounced and apologized regarding “his” personal attacks on Baldwin. Albeit 5 days later. Can we move on now?
    Or do we have to hear/read the predictable;
    1) it’s not enough!
    2) it’s too late!

    I also fully expect Baldwin to denounce and apologize for her personal attacks on Thompson where she states “he’s not for you anymore” and includes non-flattering video photography. What do you think his grandchildren think when they see this? Where is the outrage? Where is the petition?

    As previously stated, “this is all a “distraction”.

    • Lisa Mux says:

      Independent guy, I respectfully disagree. The way in which a leader handles situations like these is completely relevant to his/her candidacy, not a “distraction.”
      It seems to me that Tommy Thompson had hoped this story would quietly go away, had no intentions of apologizing, and only did so halfheartedly and reluctantly (there’s video) when backed into a corner by the press one week later.
      Voters have a right to know about this.
      If my persistence in this matter bothers you so much, I suggest that you avoid reading my blog posts. Because I’m not giving up.

  4. PJ says:

    Right on, Lisa. Thompson has not apologized with sincerity or to all parties deserving a sincere apology, nor did he take the opportunity to clarify his position. He was unaware of whether Nemoir had apologized; Nemoir has not. Scrutinizing Thompson’s handling of this matter is not a distraction by any means. It is an examination of his leadership ability and the limitations of his Right Wing values.

    So… now, when Thompson says: “I’m Conservative,” he means:
    “I’m a bigot, but I’m too much of a coward to openly admit that I’m a bigot.”

    I think it’s pretty clear who is honest in this campaign and who is not. It is not Thompson.

    Thompson should stop cowering in the bigot closet. Come on out of there, Thompson. Explain to Wisconsin your position on Constitutional equality and what you believe a free society means.

  5. independent guy says:

    Lisa Mux, Yes we can respectfully disagree. Though I’m not so sure my point was adequately articulated and/or understood. Nonetheless, the Thompson camp made a mistake, it was noticed, it did not go away and ultimately Thompson assumed responsibilty for it. Too little, too late and half-hearted, but it was done.

    I am a bit dismayed at your closing comments regarding your persistence “bothering” me and that I should avoid reading your posts. That just seems unnecessarily provocative as your persistence was not in question, nor were your posts. All that was in question is that it seems this Thompson issue has run its course and is done and folks can move on. Vote yea or nea, and move on. But, this is America. You and/or others can continue to attempt to perpetuate the issue if you choose.

    • Lisa Mux says:

      Independent guy, I thought you were a troll, which is why I responded the way that I did. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between those who sincerely want to engage and discuss, and those who simply troll Blogging Blue seeking conflict…

    • Lisa Mux says:

      Independent guy,
      I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier today. I try not to do that to anybody, but I don’t always succeed…:)

  6. Other Side says:

    Don’t apologize, Lisa. Independent my ass. Do not move on. Thompsen and his ilk must be fought.

    • Lisa Mux says:

      Other Side,
      The apology was not for the Thompson issue, it was for telling independent guy not to read my posts-I went too far with that comment, it was snotty.
      I reached out to independent guy via email, we explained our positions, and I can tell you that he does not appear to be a troll.
      Don’t worry, I would never apologize for holding politicians accountable. 🙂

  7. independent guy says:

    Thank you Lisa Mux. Civility shows character.

  8. Lisa Mux says:

    Update: From Politifact WI, 9/17/12:
    “An aide “acted on his own” and “was not representing the Thompson campaign” when he sent an email criticizing the sexual orientation of U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin.” Politifact’s rating: Pants on Fire

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