On Wednesday, September 5th, Tommy Thompson’s campaign sent an email to members of the media attempting to question Tammy Baldwin’s “heartland values,” a veiled attempt to smear Baldwin for her sexual orientation.

FOUR days later, Tommy Thompson is still silent.

Russ Feingold said it best: “In Wisconsin, we reject divisive personal attacks. It’s time for Tommy Thompson to both take responsibility for the harmful divisiveness of his campaign and to squarely reject it.” 

Join me in telling Tommy Thompson: Personal Attacks have no place in politics. Sign my SignOn petition calling on Thompson to end the divisive, dirty politics.

Thompson’s campaign is attacking Baldwin on the basis of her personal life. This is not the Wisconsin way. Thompson cannot remain silent another day. It’s time for Tommy Thompson to take responsibility for his campaign and the divisive, personal attacks they’re pushing.

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42 Responses to Tommy Thompson launches divisive, dirty, personal attack on Tammy Baldwin

  1. Gareth says:

    Will some of Tommy’s many former mistresses please step forward and testify as to his faithfulness to his wife and to Wisconsin values. I’ve lived in Madison since 1971 and I can tell you that there are some great stories out there that haven’t been used because a lot of people in this town wanted to ride Thompson’s coat tails to Washington or use him to swing a business deal. This man is a stain upon the state.

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