Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke totally strikes me as one of those guys who’s fixated on his guns to make up for some other deficiency…

“The next thing you know the Castle law kicks in,” Clarke said during an interview Tuesday. “There’ll be no need for a trial.”

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4 Responses to What does David Clarke feel the need to compensate for?

  1. PJ says:

    He didn’t say that did he?

    Why, in the 21st Century, it is necessary to point this out is outrageous:

    That’s not what the Second Amendment was for. The purpose of the Second Amendment was not to mete out justice.

    That’s what the Sixth Amendment was for:

    What Milwaukee County DOESN’T need is vigilantism and a frontier climate where armed citizens and elected officials consider themselves above the law. Milwaukee County DOESN’T need a sheriff who has neither respect for nor devotion to the rule of law.

    Perhaps what David Clarke is compensating for is an undeniable deficit in civics.

    Texas Justice has no place in Wisconsin law, and Texas Justice has no place in Wisconsin law enforcement.

  2. Here’s Sheriff Clarke making an aresst for loitering.

    How long before he’ll be talking to an empty chair?

  3. PJ says:

    How many tragedies like this one must occur before we reject vigilantism?

    Clarke’s trigger finger needs to stop twitching. He should be setting the example for responsible gun control rather than for vigilante justice.

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