Why won’t Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan – who’s simultaneously running for reelection to the House of Representatives – debate Rob Zerban, his Democratic challenger?

I’m not the only one wondering why Rep. Ryan won’t debate Rob Zerban, and I think it’s an absolute disgrace that Paul Ryan would rather run TV ads to support his reelection campaign than actually defend his record to his constituents.

The Romney/Ryan Republican ticket, which fell behind in most polls after an off-message GOP convention in Tampa and an on-message Democratic convention is Charlotte, has committed to participate in national presidential and vice presidential debates. Indeed, the Republicans are relying on the debates to renew their run for the White House.

But Ryan has not agreed to debate in his race for re-election to the House, despite the fact that he faces a credible Democratic challenger who has drawn significant attention at the local, state and national levels.

That challenger, Rob Zerban, has asked Ryan to join him in two debates.

If Ryan has the time to campaign in DePere, he should have the time to debate in Racine or Kenosha or Lake Geneva or Janesville.

If Ryan cannot find the time to debate Zerban, 1st District voters will have every right to ask whether he has forgotten them in his headlong rush for the national spotlight.

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7 Responses to Why won’t Paul Ryan debate Rob Zerban?

  1. Mark E. Bye says:

    Zerban should go ahead with a “debate”, but as a hat-tip to the GOP, he should debate an empty chair!

  2. Dairy Queen says:

    I think Rob needs to challenge Paul to a PowerPoint-off!

  3. onevote says:

    If Paul Ryan were truly interested in keeping his Congressional seat if things don’t work out with the Presidential race, Ryan would follow through on doing what all bona-fide candidates for public office have to do in a campaign. Things don’t look so good for Ryan now in the Rmoney/Ayn Ryan campaign, so why isn’t he doing anything about bolstering his backup plans? Is money and TV ads his answer to running a real campaign? Besides, say if R/R should actually win in November, and he wins the Congressional race, what happens then? I don’t see that happening, but Ryan would take the V.P. position, unable to fulfill the duties he accepted when he chose to run for Congress. He kind of wants it both ways, but how should voters view his strategy for continuing his questionable political career.

  4. Maggie says:

    Once there was a dog who had a big bone clenched in his teeth. As he crossed a bridge over a creek, he looked down at the water and saw a dog who looked like him, with a bone in his teeth. Thinking he could have TWO bones, he opened his mouth to growl, baring his teeth in a snarl. Suddenly, the dog in the water disappeared, along with the bone. The dog ended up with nothing.

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