Watch as Republican State Rep. Roger “some girls rape easy” Rivard explains how “young bucks” all across Wisconsin are working and collecting Badger Care, which then allows them to buy new four-wheel drive trucks.

While I’m not entirely sure what Roger Rivard’s definition of a “young buck” is, I can’t help but wonder how many Badger Care recipients Roger Rivard has actually met and interacted with, based on his “young bucks” statement, as well as his assertion that “Many of these people [Badger Care recipients] are there in their situation because of choices they made in their lives.” I understand that it’s a common conservative talking point to blame those who receive services from the social safety net as being primarily individuals who’ve simply made bad choices in their lives, but in my personal and professional experiences – which I’d bet cash money are far more extensive than Roger Rivard’s – his assertion simply doesn’t hold water.

Roger Rivard’s statements about Badger Care recipients are not only ignorant, they’re the kind of dog-whistle politics that so many conservatives use as red meat to feed to their base.

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2 Responses to I’m wondering how many Badger Care recipients Roger Rivard actually knows

  1. Gareth says:

    There shouldn’t be much mystery about what “young bucks” means in Rivard’s part of the back woods. I grew up in that general area and it means either N’ers or Timber N’ers. Misoginist, racist, pathological liar and probably an alcoholic with poor impulse control, what’s not to like about Rivard?

  2. This guy is an idiot of the first order.

    Memo to all northwoods fishermen and women from Roger Rivard. If you like to fish on the weekend don’t come crying to him if you have nothing for retirement? The intellectualism on display here is stunning.

    Can everyone choose NOT to work in a factory, Roger? Then who will make the things you need to have your successful career? The Chinese? The Hondurans? Bangladeshi’s?

    ” Young Bucks ” shouldn’t have health insurance AND a new truck? Are these rules written down somewhere? Sort of a ” Rivards Ten Commandments ” ?

    1. Thou shalt not have health insurance and a new truck.

    2. Some girls rape so easy.

    3,4,5, etc.. blah, blah, blah, blah blah

    Where does the GOP find these guys?

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