Watch as Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson explains why he won’t tell reporters how much of his own money he put into his U.S. Senate campaign following the Republican primary in August.

I sure hope Tommy Thompson finally told Sue Ann how much of his/their money he dumped into his Senate campaign, because his six-figure “secret” is sure to get out now.

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One Response to So did Tommy Thompson tell Sue Ann how much of his own money he put into his Senate race? (VIDEO)

  1. Amy says:

    This comment is nothing but a random observation. This morning I noted that another politicle person’s bus( Tommy Thompson) wa parked overnight at a hotel in Shawano, WI. This hotel is owned by SIST. The SIST is an anti-government/ anti-Christian group. Repeatedly republican political hopefuls have been staying there. This does not bode well for the voters of Shawano who see this.

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