Less than a week after promising to fire Big Bird, Republican presidential nominee Mitt “The Grinch” Romney is back it, this time spurning an invitation to appear on Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President” special along with President Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney may want to reconsider his campaign strategy involving the pint-size voters of tomorrow.

The Republican presidential candidate skipped the chance to take part in Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President” special that includes President Barack Obama, said Linda Ellerbee, the show’s host and executive producer. The decision “disses” children, she said.

During last week’s presidential debate, Romney vowed to cut federal funding for PBS while acknowledging it’s the home of popular “Sesame Street” character Big Bird.

“Kids Pick the President: The Candidates,” with videotaped questions for the candidates from youngsters nationwide, debuts Oct. 15 on the children’s channel. Afterward, an online poll asks kids to make their pick.

In the 20 years that Nickelodeon has been airing the candidate specials, only two other candidates have declined to participate, and Romney’s refusal to participate comes despite the fact that officials from Nickelodeon had been in contact with Romney’s campaign about the special since April of this year.

If Mitt Romney can’t muster the courage to stand up to some questioning from kids, how in the world can we expect that he’d must the courage to stand up to corrupt anti-American regimes in places like Iran and North Korea?

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2 Responses to Why is Mitt Romney scared to answer questions from kids?

  1. “Fire Big Bird”? Why are Sesame Street’s execs going around saying they would do just fine without a government subsidy? Scaring kids to win elections…disgusting.

    Romney afraid of facing kids? Did you not see the shellacking he dealt to Obama in front of the world?

  2. J F Carr says:

    Why in the hell would any man go near a network that allowed one of its employees to tweet/text crude/vulgar statements about what he would like to do with his wife. If he were to go there I would hope it was just to kick that snots ass.

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