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November 2012
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Jessie Read for Waukesha County Clerk

One year ago today, I interviewed Jessie Read, Democratic candidate for Waukesha County Clerk (click here to read the interview). I remember feeling downright giddy at the possibility of trading in Kathy Nickolaus for a county clerk who was competent and trustworthy. And I’m not the only one; Waukesha County residents, both Democrat and Republican, […]

Romney Assails His Own Tax Plan as Garbage In!

Any number of times over the three Presidential debates, President Obama and Mr. Romney faced off over the potential effects of the Romney tax plan on the American economy and the Federal Deficit. The President has been quoting data saying that the Romney tax plan would increase the federal deficit by $5 trillion. Of course […]

Tommy Thompson’s C.R. Bard connection

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson’s post-public service history as a fat-cat Washington, D.C. lobbyist is well-documented. After leaving public service, Thompson made millions upon millions of dollars as a lobbyist for an assortment of companies of questionable repute, and during his U.S. Senate campaign some rather “interesting” investments Thompson has made have come to […]

Four More Years: Re-Elect President Obama

Mitt Romney’s Other Secret Bestest Plan!

I ‘like’ Mitt Romney on Facebook so I can keep up with what he’s feeding the troops…and today on my newsfeed came this plum quotation:

On day one, I will announce deficit-reduction measures that end the era of big government ushered in by President Obama.

OK…so why not tell us TODAY what your super duper […]

Mitt Romney’s Tax Form Hypocrisy

I know this was a hot topic quite a while ago…but I don’t know why it eventually fell off the radar…or why the media is giving Mr. Romney a pass on releasing so few tax returns.

But he essentially released two carefully considered and carefully massaged returns that were certainly prepared with his campaign […]

Voting Down the Ballot on November 6th

Our friend, State Representative Christine Sinicki would like us to remind you that under the current voting laws in the State of Wisconsin…voting straight party ticket is no longer in effect.

You CAN NOT vote straight party ticket. So please read down the ballot and vote in every contested race in your ward. That is […]

Reprise: Voting Law Changes for November 6th.

If you didn’t avail yourself of the Wisconsin early voting period and intend to vote this Tuesday November 6th like I am…you might want to review a few items that have changed since 2008…assuming you only vote in Presidential elections! (btw: if you want to see my original post on this, click here!)

First and […]

Memo to the New York Times

Just a quick reminder that any story about a Mitt Romney/Glenn Beck Mormo-bromance should take note of the Beelzebubian Becks activist accomplishments, most notably as an inspiration to Byron Williams and his homicidal commando road trip fantasies, and the sick, vile, foul and twisted terrorizing of almost 80 year old Francis Fox Piven.

Stay classy […]

Best of RwP: Election Coverage

If you have never watched an episode of “Rants Without Pants”, this post may be a good way to get your feet wet. This video is a compilation of some of the special moments of Rants Without Pants’ election coverage up to the most recent date. The videos go back as far as June. […]