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November 2012
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Do not go gentle into that good night: Rep. Allen West

Carpet Bagger and Tea Partier Extraordinaire Representative Allen West (R -FLA) was soundly beaten in his race to remain in the US House of Representatives in his newly chosen district…except he isn’t accepting defeat.

Although well outside the margin of error that would suggest a recount was in order, Rep. West is going to demand […]

While I Recharge My Batteries…Enjoy This

Just about how I feel this evening…

BTW: cartoon is from GoComics.com for November 7, 2012!

RwP: A Quick Reaction to Last Night’s Elections

I wanted to quick post my reaction to last night’s exciting elections. This will be last political post for a few weeks. I.AM.BURNED.OUT! For more video, go to www.shabhead.blogspot.com.

A post-election reflection from a bruise-colored Wisconsin

Hello, America. Remember me? Yes, I still have something to say.

When I call Wisconsin bruise-colored, I exaggerate a little bit. After the last couple of years, it certainly feels like Wisconsin has been bruised electorally: I have lost count of the number of times we have just voted, let alone how many other major […]

Some post-election thoughts

This may sound like sacrilege coming from a political blogger, but I’m glad the 2012 election cycle is over. It’s been a long, long two years since the 2010 elections, especially here in Wisconsin, and I’ll be glad to take a bit of a break from the “balls to the wall” pace of things over […]