Democrat Eric Prudent gets a second shot at Assembly District 98

Those who relish the complicated nature of Wisconsin politics will be pleased to learn that election season is not quite over in Waukesha County. Since Republican Paul Farrow ran for both Wisconsin Assembly and Senate simultaneously, and since he won his Senate race on Tuesday, he’ll be vacating his Assembly seat, giving Democrat Eric Prudent a second shot at AD 98.

You may remember Eric Prudent’s first run against Paul Farrow for Assembly District 98 or, in all the excitement surrounding the presidential election,  it may be just a blur.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Prudent, as he’s smart, progressive, and appears to be made of Teflon (click here to read my interview with Prudent).

I’m not Eric Prudent’s only supporter, though, not by a long shot, and now that things have slowed down here, Waukesha liberals are gearing up to invest their energies in Prudent’s next campaign (Eric Prudent confirmed to me his plans to run again, as did Jeff Christensen, Democratic Chair of the 5th CD).

It is uncertain when this special election will take place, as Governor Walker has not yet announced a date, but there is speculation that it could be next spring.

Prudent will face Republican Matt Morzy, who is, according to a post by WisPolitics, an ardent supporter of Governor Scott Walker and his policies. From today’s WisPolitics blog:

“I am a proud supporter of the fiscal common sense approach to leadership that Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans have shown in the last two years.”

Morzy also likes what Paul Farrow has done in AD 98 and will continue to implement similar policies if elected, according to the same post:

“Paul Farrow has done a wonderful job the last two years as the representative of the 98th Assembly District, and will continue to serve our state as our new State Senator in the 33rd District. I hope to continue to deliver the same great representation to the 98th Assembly district that he provided.”

So it looks like we in Assembly District 98 have a choice between an anti-union Republican who stands with Walker, and a pro-union Progressive Democrat.

The election rules that got us to this point may be complicated, but the difference between the two candidates is crystal clear.

For more information about Democrat Eric Prudent, or to donate/volunteer, check out his campaign website. He’s also on twitter and Facebook.

Photo-Eric Prudent for Assembly 98


Thursday Music: Beatles Come Together

How Congress and the White House co-operate to solve the ‘fiscal cliff’ over the next few weeks could set the tone for the next two years…will we see continued open hostility or a begrudging willingness to get the job done.

My thoughts on the 2012 election results

Yesterday Jay wrote an excellent piece sharing his thoughts on the results of the 2012 election, and if you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely should. While Jay sums up much of what I’m feeling right now, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts as well.

While I’m certainly disappointed Republicans maintained control of the State Assembly and regained control of the State Senate, neither result was surprising, given how favorably Republicans had gerrymandered Wisconsin’s legislative districts. However, I was happy that my State Representative – Democrat Chris Sinicki – easily beat back a challenge from “tea party” Republican Molly McGartland, and I was almost as happy to see Republican State Rep. Roger “some women rape so easy” Rivard get voted out of office.

Despite the setbacks of losing control of the State Senate and continuing as the minority party in the State Assembly, Wisconsinites did move our state and our nation forward, electing our state’s first female Senator, not to mention our nation’s first openly gay Senator. While Herb Kohl served our state well during his time in office, I believe Tammy Baldwin will not only be an improvement over her predecessor, but she also serious step “Forward” for our state.

And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the significance of Tuesday’s election results. The number of women elected to serve in the United States Senate this year means that at no time in our nation’s history have more women served in the United States Senate, with 20 women being set to serve in the Senate during the next session of Congress. While that’s certainly a significant step forward, there’s still a lot more work to do, because women shouldn’t be outnumbered 4 to 1 in our nation’s highest deliberative body, a body that should be representative of our nation.

Stay classy, you sour grapes conservatives!

From the files of, “stay classy sore losers” come these nuggets.

  • First up is failed Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring, who rather than accepting the fact that the voters of the Fourth Congressional district simply don’t like his message or lack of substantive solutions to their problems, instead chose to blame the lack of voter ID laws for his complete and total electoral drubbing (emphasis added).

    4th District Candidate Sebring Speaks on Election Outcome

    November 6, 2012 Milwaukee, Wi. 11:30pm Commenting on the outcome of this evenings election, 4th District Candidate Dan Sebring (R) had this to say: “The 4th District Congressional race has been called for my opponent. While I have to say that this is not the outcome that we were hoping for…until such time as we here in Wisconsin have election integrity that is guaranteed by the enactment of the Voter ID bill that is being held hostage by liberal activist judges in Madison, I will not concede.”

  • And then there’s Republican Donald Trump, who showed last night why most reasonable people think he’s a complete and total d-bag.

  • Last (but most certainly not least) is this compilation of racist tweets by conservatives upset by President Obama’s win on Tuesday. Warning – the tweets are utterly repulsive and not safe for work (unless you work for the Klu Klux Klan).