Why does Milwaukee County need an 18-member Board of Supervisors?

Why does Milwaukee County need an 18-member Board of Supervisors?

While it might constitute heresy for a liberal such as myself to suggest it, I actually think Milwaukee County’s Board of Supervisors could use some trimming down to a more reasonable number of supervisors (and no, cutting the size of the board by one seat […]

Residents in a dozen states start petitions to secede from United States

This is crazy, but not surprising… Residents in more than a dozen states across the country have filed secession petitions to the Obama administration’s “We the People” program, which is featured on the White House website.

A petition filed by Jesse W. (no last name provided) on behalf of Arkansas reads:

As the […]

Wisconsin Tea Party Beats Dead Horse With Wrong Stick?

Even John Boehner says ” Obamacare is the law of the land.” Enough about Obamacare. Or not.

A collection of Wisconsin Tea Party groups issued a press release this morning calling on Governor Walker to refuse to create the state health insurance exchange required under the Affordable Care Act citing general opposition to the law, […]

Allen West will not go quietly into that good night….

Despite having clearly lost his bid to be reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives, tea party Republican Allen West just doesn’t want to honor the democratic process. Firebrand Republican Rep. Allen West was defeated by Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, according to the state’s vote count Saturday, but the incumbent won’t concede.

The state issued […]

Milwaukee County Board makes end-around to fire County Economic Development Director

This just sums up why the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is dysfunctional…

The public should clear its throat to politely remind Milwaukee County’s supervisors that everyone can see them finagling to fire Brian Taffora.

It’s the kind of petty political back stabbing that usually takes place behind closed doors or in dark corners of […]