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November 2012
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Chris Larson named Senate Minority Leader

Congratulations to Democratic State Senator Chris Larson, the new Senate Minority Leader! Democrats in the state Senate elected 32-year-old freshman Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee as minority leader on Tuesday — a surprise decision that Republicans instantly cheered.

Larson was first elected to the Senate in 2010 after beating a more conservative Democrat in […]

Last Day to Apply to Emerge Wisconsin

From the email:

Last Tuesday was a great day for Democratic women in Wisconsin, where we sent Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate, and elected several strong progressive women to the state legistature.

Our friends over at Emerge Wisconsin are looking for bright, self-motivated women who are committed to effective political leadership and are […]

A Theory About Conservative Crapola

The whole article is a must read… Forget a nickel; I’d a sixpence for every piece of conservative crapola spin I heard in the last two months. In retrospect, it’s very revealing about they try to game the system to get places like Politico and other mainstream outfits to assume they’re correct and accept their […]

Michael Steele gets catty towards Reince Priebus

From the files of, “when conservatives eat their own” comes this gem from former RNC Chair Michael Steele:

Say what you want about our spending while running the RNC, at least we won elections. THAT’S what I call an ROI. dailycaller.com/2012/11/08/rnc…

— Michael Steele (@Steele_Michael) November 8, 2012