Brett Hulsey shows his “Thanksgiving compassion”

Earlier today Lisa reported on the decision by management of Madison radio station WTDY to fire its entire newsroom staff, including morning drive host John “Sly” Sylvester, and while I don’t have much to add to what Lisa wrote, I felt compelled to highlight a tweet sent out by Democratic State Rep. Brett Hulsey.

While I appreciate that Brett Hulsey – who had been the subject of criticism by Sly – would be glad to see a critic silenced, it’s disappointing that Hulsey couldn’t “be the bigger man” and show a little class and compassion towards someone who was unceremoniously fired a day before Thanksgiving.

Hulsey’s tweet today makes me glad he was routed in his attempt to become the leader of the Democratic Assembly minority.


Social media is currently on fire with word that WTDY has, without warning, laid off most of its news staff, including Dylan Brogan and Amy Barrilleaux. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester was also let go. According to JSOnline, WTDY will no longer be news-talk, but will instead change formats. This is bad news for Wisconsin progressives, and many fans are shocked and appalled.

To let WTDY’s General Manager, Rick, know how you feel about this, you can call the station at 608-273-1000 to leave a message, or email Rick at

RwP: Conservatives Don’t Own Christianity, Reaction to Obama’s Reelection and Local WI Stories

This week on “Rants without Pants”, Rev. Schabow preaches the truth about the reaction of President Obama’s Reelection, how conservatives don’t own Christianity, how everyone should be praising Ian’s Pizza, drama in the State Senate and Walker’s Obamacare.


00:00 — 6:58 Reaction to Obama’s Reelection

6:58 — 7:13 Fly Up to Our Church

7:13 — 9:30 Fly Down to WI State Senate Majority Leader Robin Vos

9:30 — 11:57 Fly Down to Walker for Dropping the Ball on ObamaCare

11:57 — 12:54 Fly Up to Ians Pizza

12:54 — End Fly Down to Christians Who Think They Own Christianity
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Why conservatives should support the Wal-Mart worker uprising.

One of the grievances expressed by Wal-Mart workers participating in the nationwide ” Black Friday ” protests being planned across the country is the lack of affordable health insurance available through the mega-retailer’s benefits plan. Wal-Mart critics charge that the company sets its hour and wage policies such that a sizable percentage of its employees are eligible for state medicaid programs and other public assistance, even suggesting that this is deliberate.

One study in Ohio determined that Wal-Mart had the greatest number of employees enrolled in the state’s medicaid program, and it appears that this is the case in every state where such information is available. In short, a whole lot of Wal-Mart employees and their kids are on medicaid programs across the country.

That means that taxpayers are footing the bill for health care costs that belong to Wal-Mart. So when workers rise up demanding hour and wage increases in order to be able to afford the company health insurance plan, conservatives should get behind them 101%.


Scott Walker’s deputy chief of staff: “Good coordination will help”

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we now have a copy of the presentation given by Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf at the felony sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

I’m particularly fond of page 35 of Landgraf’s presentation, which highlights an email exchange between Rindfleisch and Milwaukee County employees Tom Nardelli (Walker’s Chief of Staff), Fran McLaughlin (Walker’s Director of Communications), Cyndi Archer (Walker’s director of administrative services), Tim Russell (Walker’s Deputy Chief of Staff), and Jonathan Myhre (Walker’s Deputy Director of Communications). Also included in the email exchange arranging daily conference calls between Walker’s County Executive staff and his gubernatorial campaign were RJ Johnson, Keith Gilkes, and Jill Bader from Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

Page 42 of Landgraf’s presentation is also fascinating, as it details an email exchange between Scott Walker (using his gubernatorial campaign email account), Walker gubernatorial campaign staffers/consultants Keith Gilkes, RJ Johnson, and Jill Bader, with Fran McLauglin, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Rindfleisch from Walker’s County Executive staff included on the email exchange. The email exchange in question pertains to specific wording for a press release issue by Walker’s gubernatorial campaign. Here’s a screenshot:

And just in case any of you reading this were thinking, “yeah, but maybe these folks didn’t realize what they were doing was illegal,” take a look at page 63 of Landgraf’s presentation, in which Kelly Rindfleisch makes it clear that a records request must be done “covertly so it’s not tied to Scott [Walker], the county or the campaign in any way.”

The fact that Scott Walker is directly included in email exchanges between his gubernatorial campaign staff and his County Executive staff (through his email address) seems to undermine Walker’s repeated assertions that he had no knowledge of illegal political work/coordination being done on county time by his County Executive staff.

Perhaps no other governor in our state’s 164 year history has been so intimately connected to so many individuals who have been convicted of engaging in illegal political activity that directly benefited said governor either before or during his time as governor.

Local Wal-Mart workers plan Thanksgiving walkout


Several Milwaukee-area Walmart stores are among those where some employees plan to protest working on Thanksgiving – and other concerns – by walking off the job as the holiday shopping season begins this week, a union spokesman said Tuesday.

Marc Goumbri, an organizer with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, said he couldn’t disclose the locations of the Walmarts marked for protest because the workers didn’t want to alert management or be subject to intimidation. But he confirmed metro Milwaukee was among big cities targeted for employee strikes on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

“Several locations,” Goumbri said Tuesday when asked which Milwaukee-area sites would be involved.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, kicks off the Black Friday holiday shopping surge by opening at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, a move the union-back organization OUR Walmart contends shows disregard for employees and their families. OUR Walmart, formed in 2010 to press the company for better working conditions, is made up of current and former Walmart workers.