Always Low Prices

According to the staff at Common Dreams, Bangladeshi garment factory workers, (over 100 of whom died in a fire this weekend),  produce clothes for places like Wal-Mart.

Always low prices, you bet.

6 thoughts on “Always Low Prices

  1. nonquixote

    It is my understanding that Wal-Mart employees are presently routinely locked down in their stores. The same clothing goes to JC Penny and Kohls and I’m looking for that link.

    Who could have expected anything like this factory fire to have happened? /s

    And for all you good Broncobama lovers, remember not to hold your breath waiting for the Holder Justice Department to slap anybody’s corporate wrists into cuffs:

    WalMart Always low wages.

      1. nonquixote

        Warehouse workers locked in from the outside for shift duration. Simple and I have yet to find the link where I read that. Sorry about that.

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