I haven’t seen a lot of mainstream news coverage of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s advice to president Obama following Obama’s re-election victory, so I thought I’d post it here. Seems like damn good advice to me.


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  1. independent guy says:

    Agreed. Take care of business at home, economic, social or otherwise.
    The USA is a defender of freedom and not an invader. Now, if you are on the other end of drone strike you may feel like the US is an invader, but that is just not reality and civilized folks understand this.

    There is a reason there hasn’t been much mainstream coverage. Reason = Chavez = Credibility.

    The word “advice” appears in the blog article. The word “urge” appears in the link/article. Regardless, it is unlikely Bush, Obama or the next President would respond to advice, requests or urging from a leader such as Chavez.

    • independent guy says:

      I believe there was agreement regarding the blog article story line in general. Take care of business at home.
      Perhaps there is disagreement on the Chavez/credibility topic. So be it.

  2. IG,

    Genuinely curious why you think Chavez has no credibility.

    • independent guy says:

      Cred? Maybe that wasn’t the best choice of word.
      Let’s try Reason no main stream coverage.. = Chavez = Priorities.
      Our nations priorities may differ, capitalist/or not, but that doesn’t make Chavez any less credible. My mistake.

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