Representative Tom Larson, ( R Colfax ), is walking back his support for arresting feds who may come to Wisconsin to implement ” Obamacare “.  Good for him.

That leaves only eight with their heads still up their hind ends.



3 Responses to First crack in Ass Clown Caucus, or, first clown leaves Ass Crack Caucus?

  1. Sue says:

    I predict Don Pridemore will be the last man standing.

  2. […] crackpot? Not bad, but I still prefer to think of Pridemore as a member in good standing of the Ass Clown Caucus. Posted by Steve Carlson on December 10, 2012, at 8:45 am | Category: Entertainment, Idiocy/Lunacy, […]

  3. […]    Best Laugh of the Week! » A Fissure in the Ass Clown Caucus? As was reported here at Blogging Blue awhile back, the first crack in the Ass Clown Caucus (ACC) appeared when state rep Tom Larson (R-Colfax) renounced his support for arresting federal officials attempting to implement the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin. […]

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