At the 2012 NRA convention last April Ted Nugent, the guitar playin’, gun totin’, venom spewin’ rocker very aptly nicknamed, ” The Motor City Madman ” told NRA convention attendees that if Obama was re-elected president in November he’d either be dead or in jail by the same time next year, April, 2013.

Memo to Ted: Obama’s been re-elected. So what’s it going to be? Are you a man of your word or just a great big blowhard gasbag?


7 Responses to Is Ted Nugent A Man of His Word?

  1. I have very carefully preserved his robocall on my answering machine in support of Mr. Tommy Thompson from the primaries…you can almost here the rabid spittle on the recording.

  2. CJ McD says:

    “…this time next year…”

    He’s got ’til April….

  3. upsaciman says:

    Would love to hear that answering machine message. I preserved the one I got from Eastwood.

  4. KAH says:

    I vote for dead.

  5. independent guy says:

    Granted Ted is a little over the top. His dead/jail comment is on par to Alec Baldwin’s “go’in to Canada” rant a few years ago and evidently he wasn’t serious either.

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