Is Ted Nugent A Man of His Word?

At the 2012 NRA convention last April Ted Nugent, the guitar playin’, gun totin’, venom spewin’ rocker very aptly nicknamed, ” The Motor City Madman ” told NRA convention attendees that if Obama was re-elected president in November he’d either be dead or in jail by the same time next year, April, 2013.

Memo to Ted: Obama’s been re-elected. So what’s it going to be? Are you a man of your word or just a great big blowhard gasbag?

7 Replies to “Is Ted Nugent A Man of His Word?”

  1. Granted Ted is a little over the top. His dead/jail comment is on par to Alec Baldwin’s “go’in to Canada” rant a few years ago and evidently he wasn’t serious either.

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