3 Replies to “RwP: A Quick Reaction to Last Night’s Elections”

  1. Let me hazard a guess, neoliberal apologizing for duopolist disaster capitalism. This is at least the third or fourth time I’ve had a chance to not view a RwP video, had not associated a name with any of then until now. Maybe you could indicate how quick your comment is before anyone needs to click to find out. Just a thought.

    Still waiting for your list of claimed obstacles faced by Obama (2008) in your previous, I VOTED, post.

    1. Your obtuse allusion evades my immediate understanding. However, it has been over 40 years since I’ve interacted with any woman who needed or whom I even thought needed rescuing from anywhere or from anything. You appear to be insinuating that there is some precious reward I am losing by not behaving like a stereotypical chauvinist boar? Not likely a reward I care to win anyway.

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