This week on Rants Without Pants, I discuss the difference between Republican Abraham Lincoln vs Republican Scott Walker. I also make a statement to WTDY Station Manager Rick McCoy regarding him firing John Sylvester (Sly in the Morning) as well as the entire News Department.

00:00 – 7:30 Lincoln vs Walker
7:30 – End Letter to Rick McCoy and Midwest Family Broadcasting regarding the recent firing of Sly and the News Staff.


11 Responses to RwP: WTDY Firing Sly and the News Staff – Lincoln vs Walker

  1. Lisa Mux says:

    Yeah, I can’t picture you copying Thom Hartmann’s style, Adam…:)

  2. Adam Schabow says:

    Thom Hartmann’s style barely even works for Thom Hartmann, so yeah, that’s not for me.

    I also wanted to post a link to the online petition to Give Sly the Mic. Here it is!

  3. I’m all for Sly getting another gig; he’s a Progressive’s Progressive after all.

    His comment that Condi Rice was an “Aunt Jemima” was something that Progressive President and racial champion Woodrow Wilson would be proud of.

    The fact that he’s made no secret of his feelings toward illegal aliens would dovetail perfectly with the population control efforts of Progressive darling Margaret “human weeds” Sanger.

    He may want to tweak his game a bit. As a white boy, he could be a little bit more self-loathing. This would allow him to be more effectively manipulated by that all-important suffocating liberal white guilt.

    He pokes fun at ‘plus-sized people,’ (the gift of a full-length mirror may rectify that) who are people too and deserving of snickeringly condescending tolerance. That is unless they’ve left the Progressive Plantation by choosing to think for themselves and eschew victimhood.

    Same goes for women and minorities who don’t march in glassy-eyed Lefty-lock-step; YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!

    He’s also a self-proclaimed Catholic, which any self-respecting secular Lefty realizes is a deal-breaker.

    He hates BIKIES and unabashedly drives two big gas-guzzlers; a Suburban and a big Station Wagon. This flies in the face of the CATASTROPHIC ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING that’s here and worse than the models predicted.

    Even though there’s been no ‘warming’ for 16 years, and there’s been a tsunami of fraud and data manipulation, it can still be milked for continued funding (at the clip of $6 Bill a year for a science that’s ‘settled’) which will employ the otherwise unemployable.

    Plus, we give up on something like that, it may allow people to hate the Koch Brothers less. And that’s just not a world within which this Lefty wants to live!

    • nonquixote says:

      “Even though there’s been no ‘warming’ for 16 years…”

      Any source for that whole sentence???

      • @nonquixote;

        Thank you for your kind inquiry, though I must confess this won’t be considered ‘news’ by anyone not ideologically tethered to Climate Profit (sic) Al Gore & the rest of the CLIMATE CRIMINALS.–chart-prove-it.html

        Understand, this comes *quietly* from the U.K.’s “Met Office.’ They, with the capable assistance of the UEA & HadCrut brought us “ClimateGate” which may besmirch their credibility with the unindoctrinated.

        Good thing I didn’t bring up Dr. Michael Mann (of Hockey Schtick infame) who was a principal player in that wickedly despicable plot that had hackers (undoubtedly cashing checks from BIG OIL) unconscionably using the CLIMATE CRIMINAL’S own words against them. Well; at least those words they weren’t able to delete illegally, immorally, and unscientifically ahead of FOIA requests.

        Mann was exonerated by by the same Penn State operatives that turned a blind eye to the machinations of one other former University employee; Jerry Sandusky. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

        It’s hard to say which activity brought more cash to PSU; football or Climate Research. Most are convinced that the money had nothing to do with either and being an eternal optimist, I’m hard pressed to disagree.

        Your commenting handle suggests you may be tilting at the new bird shredders, I mean windmills, EPIC is erecting just to the northwest.

        • Cornelius,

          I’ll bet the Ass Clown Caucus is looking for a policy director. I’ll give you a letter of reference!

        • nonquixote says:

          CG @ 9:40AM

          Link appreciated, but I am not quite understanding how my online alias suggests anything beyond my request for better understanding of the influences behind your views. I don’t recall that I have yet to express my views about climate change, to you, anyway. Your rather disjointed response brings the appearance, to me, of something I feel is an unwarranted self-defensiveness about your global warming position, on your part. Sorry if my request made you uncomfortable.

          I’m guessing you have links to help further my understanding of your bold climate criminals. I’ve read about several takes on the topic but perhaps I missed something important.

          As modern petro/chemical monocultural farming has likely been more detrimental to humans and wildlife than windmills to birds, and with Obama’s ordered restriction of access to radiation level data previously available to the public through NOAA Pacific Ocean monitoring sources since Fuckushima was inundated,

          your apparent concern about a couple of birds hit by windmill blades is NOT even on my radar and does NOT seem comparable in any way in terms of any real, potential or even imagined environmental devastation in a larger scheme of human caused environmental complications.

          • @nonquixote;

            My humblest apologies, my intent was anything but an attempt at a slam. That would place me firmly within the ranks of rank dipsticks, somewhere which I’d prefer not to be remanded. Besides, it’s abundantly clear that group ably represented by @Steve Carlson already.

            Again; my apologies.

            Killing birds is not the only legitimate knock on windmills. And it’s way more “a couple of birds hit by windmill blades,’ as you put it.


            You may find it instructive to compare how the injury/death of birds, or any wildlife for that matter, is treated when the culprit is the harvesting of different energy sources like evil BIG OIL.

            Night and day.

            • Corney,

              If you’re going to be policy director for the ACC you need to read the article in its entirety. From the link you posted in your comment:

              ” Windmills kill nearly half a million birds a year, according to a Fish and Wildlife estimate. The American Bird Conservancy projected that the number could more than double in 20 years if the administration realizes its goal for wind power.

              The American Wind Energy Association, which represents the industry, disputes the conservancy’s projection, and also the current Fish and Wildlife count, saying the current bird kill is about 150,000 annually. ”

              And then :

              ” But federal officials, other wildlife groups and a wind-farm industry representative said the conservancy’s views are extreme. Wind farms currently kill far fewer birds than the estimated 100 million that fly into glass buildings, or up to 500 million killed yearly by cats. Power lines kill an estimated 10 million, and nearly 11 million are hit by automobiles, according to studies. ”

              So, Corney, what exactly is your problem with wind turbines?

  4. Adam Schabow says:

    Honestly, most of the things you state are the reasons why I like him. He is his own person and I can emphatically disagree with him on many issues. That’s what is so great about him. I don’t want to be the choir that he preaches to.

    For instance, he goes on television and says that “Obama is a weak man” when it comes to the lack of support Obama has for labor. I am sure the Democratic Party of WI had a bit of a problem with him saying that, but he said it anyways….something Vickie McKenna and Charlie Sykes would never dare do against Walker.

    I will say, he has admitted to changing his views a bit on illegal immigration. That was years ago that he regularly preached about it. I, at times, completely disagreed with what he had to say, but like I said, I love that he evolved and changed his mind about the issue.

    Same with Global Warming, he is starting to come around on those issues as well and again, I’m proud of that. But he loves his big trucks and is annoyed by what he sees is an over use of money in Madison towards bike related policies. And again, I can disagree and that’s what’s great. People, anyone, can challenge him. Again, unlike Vickie McKenna and Charlie Sykes, he wants callers to disagree with him and welcomes it.

    As for making fun of someone for whatever reason, truthfully most of the time that doesn’t bother me at all, from the left or the right…just as long as it’s funny (and perhaps deserved). What he said about Rebecca Kleefisch I thought was funny. Not when taken out of context, but he was talking about the politicians whoring themselves out and yes, in context it was funny. I laughed when he said it. I didn’t take it so damn seriously. If someone is being facetious, it should be taken that way. There is a thing called “Fake Outrage” and it annoys me when either side does it.

    As for the Aunt Jemima remark, he has even admitted now that he went too far. And the point he was making, I understood and partly agreed with. But look, when you are on the radio, unscripted for 15 years every day, you are going to go over the line. And he did.

    I’ve heard many claims that he is a sexist…which anyone that listens to his show on a regular basis knows is abso-frickin-lutely not true. You hear me Mayor Dave? I may actually rant about that on my next RwP.

    Look, the point is he’s brash. He’s provocative. While I love listening to Joy Cardin on WPR in the morning, it’s no replacement for the fun I have listening to Sly as well as the information I learn from his show.

  5. nonquixote says:

    Thanks for listing the video times and the brief written preview. Nice to be able to decide about what I don’t have time for.

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