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3 Responses to Tearful President Obama thanks staff: “I’m really proud of all of you.” (VIDEO)

  1. nonquixote says:

    I wonder how many tears are shed each Tuesday’s during selection of the latest recipient of number one position on the, Disposition Matrix and capitulation to “unavoidable,” collateral damage that happened from the previous Tuesday decision…

    …likely as many tears as will be shed when the, “we won’t touch public safety-net dollars (except for these few minor tweaks),” finally occurs.

  2. Cat Kin says:

    The personal and professional abuse this man took for trying to do well for all people, both in America and in the world, hasn’t been seen for 2 millennia. I’m sure these aren’t the first tears he has shed.

  3. independent guy says:

    Barf. It is true Axelrod & Co. did a helluva job, but the mist, is just show, c’mon.
    Congrats to President Obama.

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