Thursday Music: Beatles Come Together

How Congress and the White House co-operate to solve the ‘fiscal cliff’ over the next few weeks could set the tone for the next two years…will we see continued open hostility or a begrudging willingness to get the job done.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Beatles Come Together

  1. Gareth

    Compared to the Grand Bargain that Obama has been offering of $2.50 in spending cuts –mainly from social programs– for every dollar of revenue increases, including “reforming” Social Security and Medicare while leaving the bloated military budget untouched, cliff diving doesn’t look so bad. The resulting across the board spending cuts would include everything, even the military machine and subsidies to the oil companies. The politcal parties would then be forced to demonstrate their commitment to a just society by restoring cuts to essential social programs and voters could decide who is screwing them and who is not.

    The fact that the vampire squid of Wall Street don’t want to go over the fiscal cliff means we probably should. These crooks aren’t exactly known for their social conscience.

    1. nonquixote

      With the pleasure of being able to say that I did not vote for the national duopolist regime, I’ll say AMEN.

      When we ain’t got nothing, we’ve got nothing to lose.

      More Beatles:

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