Fresh off his triumphant speaking tour at the President Ronald Reagan Library in California, where he unveiled his vision for the coming Wisconsin legislative session…Governor Scott Walker announced his own listening tour in Wisconsin…all’s well except this from Facebook from our friend Erik Kirkstein:

Yesterday, Scott Walker announced the kickoff of his statewide “Talk with Walker” tour, in which his statement claimed that “For the next several months, the Governor will talk with Wisconsinites about their priorities and ideas for building a better Wisconsin.”

Well, I just got off the phone with Madeline Henry from his office, and that whole thing about “talking to Wisconsinites” actually just means business owners and their employees.

So it’s no coincidence that he waited until late yesterday to disclose the time and location of his supposed “robust public debate.”

Just incredible.

If Scott Walker really wanted, as his statement suggests, to “have a conversation with the people of Wisconsin about the best ways to move our state forward” regarding the budget, you’d think he would offer every Wisconsinite the chance to be heard, and not just his select audience.

Call Scott Walker’s office now at 608-266-1212 and demand he open his “Talk with Walker” sessions to the public!

Please share the response you get with us at

We have the right to be heard about the future of our state.
-Erik Kirkstein
Political Director
United Wisconsin

3 Responses to Whither thou goest Governor Walker?

  1. Patrick McLafferty says:

    Unfortunately, no you don’t, have the same rights, that is… ’cause you’re not politically correct and definitely not about to “open anyones’ eyes” when it comes to the bologna the “Gov” is pedaling…. best you can hope for…is that “someday” someone is actually going to read these “opinions” and get “fed up” with the bologna the Gov is trying to proffer and will finally wake up, see the light, and come to terms with what is really happening in that office… and then hope you can actually make it to the bon fire in front of the capital to cook some hot dogs and laugh at the ridiculous things going on in the halls of our government! Yuk Yuk Yuk…

  2. Gareth says:

    It’s ironic that the “Talk with Walker” sessions are going on simultaneously with the John Doe Prosecutors’ “Talk with Russell” sessions. I believe the latter will prove much more enlightening.

  3. Edna Hansen says:

    One can only hope that this weasel has left some kind of clue to his involvement in the elections scandal and that next time around he will be gone. We all know where his priorities lie: with ALEC and the Koch Bros. The man is so crooked I doubt he can lie straight in bed at night, and if it had been known how bad it was at the recall I doubt he would have been re-elected. Between redistricting and voter suppression he’s hoping to hang on to GOP base but I predict that eventually people are going to get smarter and see that if he can suppress the blacks and other minorities he can suppress them too. The GOP are trying to take away our rights and we need to keep informed and make sure that it doesn’t go any farther. This is our USA and he and the rest of the 1% and 2% need to be told that with our votes before it is too late.

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